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Diablo 3 Tournament

Gizmo is Giving You the Runs!

Our Diablo 3 section is hosting a Greater Rift tournament with a twist!

Going to try this for a tournament!


When: 17 August @ 8PM EDT


# of spots: 16


Level: GR 50


Gameplay: 4 groups of 4 teaming together and starting the GR. One person will play the GR while the while the remaining 3 exit. Then the next person, then the next, etc… until all players have run it 3 times. All players will report the times in the #D3 channel to the event host upon completion of the GR. The person with the best 3 times averaged will advance to the final team.


The final team will do it all again. There will be a first, second, and third place winner who will receive a Fever vs. Fever award! The 4th place player will win an additional 500 Fever Coins.


Signs ups below, first 16 resposnes will have a spot, after that the waiting list will start. If we have no-shows, the first person on the waiting list will get the spot, and so on….

A few clarifications: You do not have to use the same character to run all 3; you can mix and match. You can switch out equipment between runs. I will be randomizing the teams and the order of the runs. Each player will post their times in the #D3 channel when they’re finished, they do not need to wait until everyone has run once.

UPDATE: If the waiting list grows to 16 people, I’ll run 2 events at the same time.

Sign up before all the spots are filled! Currently, only 2 spots remain.

We're live!!
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