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Season 12 Wall of Nephalem Glory

I vastly apologize for this being later than usual – we normally try to get this posted right after the end of a season. Unfortunately, real life takes precedence – but that shall not stop me from giving lots of love to our members that made great strides last season!

Please check out the Season 12 standings here!

I would like to congratulate the following people for making it onto the Americas leaderboards:

Atomic Philosopher – Rank 798 Barbarian
GHOST_AQC – Rank 927 Necromancer
Ghist – Rank #156 Wizard

With honorable mentions to Medic739 and Sendain for nearly making it! Maybe next season!!

I’d also like to congratulate the following for placing on the Americas leaderboards for group clears:

Ghist & glib – Rank 113
Medic739 & Ghist – Rank 366

Ghist, glib, GHOST_AQC – Rank 219
Medic739, GHOST_AQC, Ghist – Rank 356
McGrover, Ghist, Medic739 – Rank 517

Amazing job, guys! It is so great to see far more people making the leaderboards in comparison to Season 11. I am proud of us as a clan, and of these individuals for striving for greatness!

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