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The community here at Fever Clan is one of a higher standard. We aren’t just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such we expect just a little more from our members.

We do this because we want your time at Fever to be above the rest and we can only assure this for all of our members by having a few standards in place to ensure that Fever will remain a top notch community. We would ask that each member view and understand these standards and practice them at all times while wearing the |Fever| tag.

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Bogo / CptBogo

Welcome to FeverClan | Gaming Community! Thank you for your interest in FeverClan gaming community. Where we hope to service all of your video gaming and online social needs. 


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We play a wide rage of games, here are some of the main games we play.


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Find more games to play, more people to play with, and we offer more than just video games. We have social events, forum games, text games, social games, and many more! 

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FeverClan has been established for over 14 years, we are a Mature Massive Multi-Gaming Clan / community with over 1,400+ members in our ranks and thousands of guests per day visiting our Discord and website.

Always our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests whether they decide to join us or not.

We have dozens of games that we play and have multiple Squads(pro to semi-pro teams) throughout our ranks, while the majority of our Members are casual gamers we do support and encourage competitive play.

On an average day our Discord server has members continuously roaming the channels and looking for new people to socialize and game with, as we are a Fever Family here and connections are a big priority for our Members.

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