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Apr 12, 2016




Some new Zbarbs in clan have asked for gameplaying tips, here are a few basic tips for future reference.. If you can at least master these you'll be able to get a group and normally won't get kicked out :) I'm not going to get into any kind of build or gear explanations here as you can find those elsewhere.

Make sure the Zmonk is running iceblink. If Not, then you will need to run it.
Ask if they prefer the warcry with 30% dodge or 20% resist
If you have a FB WD in group you want to spec for globe production (Groundstomp jarring slam for example), if not, then spec for more speed or dmg adds (Sprint or Rend, etc.)
If you have time, take a look at their gear, particularly their amulets so you'll know if your genmonk for example is wearing Maras he won't be as squishy against Arcane bosses.

As soon as your GR Companions have all appeared on the map, give them IP and speed (warcry+chilanik's belt)

Sprint ahead, find some bosses and a good spot to fight them, drop a flag (G) to help them setup, then reapply IP and scout around. Get a big pack of trash on top of the boss, WDs and Genmonks among others thrive on Trash, it gives them a big damage boost.

When pushing Grifts (to reach higher levels) your dps will be squishy, you won't want to get too far ahead of the group, circle back when scouting to reapply IP as needed and don't scout as far.
When doing speeds, you can assume the dps can hold their own and you can scout further and wider to pull more trash, find the best spots and open up the map.

Skip vs Drag
When fighting bosses with no trash around, you may want to skip (S in chat) or drag them to the next spot (D in chat). Use judgment, a Juggernaut yellow at 50% health standing by himself can totally kill your clear time, you'll not want to waste time on them.

Drop a flag a couple inches from the pylon, give your group time to get together and setup properly, apply fresh IP then pop the pylon. If progression bar is in the 95%+ range you may want to skip the pylon and keep it for the rift guardian. For those pylons kept for the guardian, if your group setup thrives on Trash, you may want to pop the pylon yourself to get an extra yellow and minions to boost the group's dps. Otherwise have anyone pop it.

Double up as much as possible, an ideal situation is to combine a yellow with a blue pack, 2 blue packs or 2 yellows. That way your dps is applied on 2 groups and lots of trash.
You can also fight large groups of trash or trash that is blocking the way for your dps to follow you but don't wait till they're all dead to move on.

When your group is done killing a pack, pickup the globes, reapply IP, scout ahead to bring them to the next best spot. If it's a long run, you'll want to circle back at intervals to reapply IP and speed, you want your group to move on speed as much as possible.

Pay Attention to the Boss's affixes. You don't want to leave your group without IP too long with 2 packs of arcane enchanted+firechain bosses. Also you won't be able to pull Juggernaut bosses with ancient spear-rageflip so you may have to signal a Drag (D) to him to be more effective.

DEAD team members
Stay nearby with the group or go get the dead body, keep your IP ready to apply on the dead member as soon as he's back in action, then back to scouting. If he died between kill spots then give him speed and move him along.

Anytime you're confident that you have a found a good spot to pull to, drop a flag to help your team setup in the correct area.
What are those sweet spots ? Large areas of open space, 2 or 3 way corners in dungeons and caves, any area with a lot of trash and a boss or 2 that is not cramped and too small to get all the mobs to stack on top of the group properly. Avoid fighting in small corridors unless team members simply can't pass through.

Not much to do here, keep IP up and hit the RG (with solanium in cube you should pop a globe once or twice at least) Rezz dead team members away from the RG if you can. If time allows and group can stay alive, scout nearby areas for a pylon. On some bosses, you can interrupt their most dangerous moves with groundstomp, I won't name boss names here I'm really bad at remembering those names. (EDIT: Perendi comes to mind, his big attack is a lot of dmg but it`s easy to see coming and you can interrupt it)

Well, that's it for now, consider it a work in progress, I may keep adding things to it as they cross my mind. Good hunting and safe zbarbing !!
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Feb 18, 2017




Thanks for taking the time to put this together :)
As a new member of the clan and a VERY rusty zBarb this info is much appreciated.

Hopefully I can pick your brain about other aspects of zBarbing on teamspeak or in game some time :)

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