Guild: Wroctaw's M+ 10+ run guides

These guides are assuming you know the basic boss fight strats. These guides are how to pull and obelisk positioning for keys 10 and higher,

Atal'Dazar This strat requires a rogue or a willing sacrifice


Start the run by running down to Rezan and doing his fight. after Rezan dies go to the southern stairs and pull the screechers and the dinos at the top of the stairs.
Take the stairs towards vol'kaal. Kill the Shadowblade honor guard and patting shieldbearers.
Kill the group surrounding the obelisk.
Take the obelisk to Vol'Kaal platform.
Kill vol'kaal
After Vol'kaal's death hav your rogue or sacrifice to pull the group outside of vol'kaal's platform and the group by the obelisk just south of Vols platform away by the water.
The group once the 2 groups are well away will run to the open obelisk and take it.and kill the mini boss on the stairs. (the sacrfice or rogue can use the open obelisk by the begining to meet with group
Kill boss on stairs and kill the shadowblade pack.
Kill group at bottom of the stiars and open the gate.
Kill all groups around the center platform. (all mini dinos and screamers)
now kill the center group on platform. on fort weeks lust here.
obelisk death here is unimportant. take it towards the final obelisk
Kill Honorguard group
Take final obelisk too the 3rd boss platform
Kill all trash on this platform. can be done in 1 pull with good AOE and AoE stuns.
Kill high priestess
Take the obelisk on the platform back down to center and make your way to final boss
Kill Final boss Get loot.

Lust in this dungeon can be used on bosses as long as you have lust for center platform group during fort weeks
during teeming week theres a 3 screamer group. this group is really tough and interrupts need to be on point.


Start the Dungeon by grabbing the first 2 groups and AoE these down. be aware that the tank will be thrown around alot. so watch threat.
grab third group and kill by obelisk
Take obelisk to first boss platform
Kill group by first boss to spawn him
Kill Kragg
Pull the enforcer and kill as you run across bridge.
Pull all circle'd mobs theres ALOT here AoE and stuns. make sure to interrupt.
Pull pat
pull obelisk kill location is unimportant so walk towards second boss.
Pull rat pack on ramp.
Pull EVERYTHING on this platform minus the pat to the south west.
Pull captain trio after boss if you have a rogue or druid have them stealth and start RP
Pull crusher pat if hes nearby or else just pull the group by the bridge and and pull the crusher as he comes back.
Pull the following group with the pat.
pull the enforcers here and catch the piggie or start RP if you didn't
Kill miniboss/sharkpuncher
move north and kill the groups around the platform. AoE and stuns.
Take obelisk nearby the last obelisk and kill group around obelisk.
Take final obelisk to final boss.
Kill Harlan Sweete get loot get profit!

Kings Rest

Start by pulling the minion pack and dispelling their shields. this will instant kill them.
Pulling the 2 constructs right infront of the stairs.
Pull the next 2 constructs by the doorway.
Pull the obelisk and make your way to the first boss room death location here is not important
Hit gong and pull groups 1 by 1. order is not important.
Kill first boss
Make your way down hallway and kill the 4 groups here.
Grab obelisk and make your way towards next construct. Kill anywhere.
Kill construct. This will open first shortcut.
On Teeming weeks you i will kill the additional patting construct first.
Kill slimes.
Kill construct adds.
Kill second boss
Move through hallway and kill the next set of adds and patting horror.
grab first pylon, kite towards middle of bridge in front of where the new bridge will spawn after third boss. Kill it here ontop of the group. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS PORTAL
run back and exit shadowworld by entrance and activate other obelisk.
Run this obelisk to the third boss room
Kill it here
Kill third boss
Take portal to the center bridge portal.
Have tank exit first to get threat. when you exit portal you will get the cutscene.
Kill this group
Run across bridge kill Zul
Kill final boss Get profit.

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