Event: Working as One! BFV Gaming Event sunday at 6.30 pm EST

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Apr 9, 2017
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Working as One!
I would like to invite you to join us for Battlefield V game night! The event will be hosted next sunday, 12.1.2020 at 6.30 PM EST

The Goal
For our next event we will be working on important teamwork skills. We will be training to spot hostile targets and inform important info of them. This includes reporting the location and quantity of enemy targets. As well as reporting enemy class (for example reporting "there is enemy sniper at hilltop") if it is crucial information. Also reporting location of enemy tanks and jeeps to your squad is greatly beneficial. Also we will be learning to move as squad to ensure or distrup key locations. Such as flags in Conquest or chokepoints in Breakthrough, just to name a few.

Working as an whole unit can make a huge difference in all game modes. These skills also transfer to "soloplays" And are useful even when playing without voice comms.

The Event

Do not be intimidated by this. Even though we will be focusing on gameplay mentioned above we will do in relaxed and chill atmosphere. Everyone regardles of experience or skill is most welcomed to join our game night. Even when we have "theme" of teamwork at next event our goal is still to get to know each other and foremost have fun playing.


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Dec 29, 2019
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Looking forward to all the teamwork in the section. Lets get them and knock em out
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