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Apr 29, 2013




The Hungering Deep is the first piece of free content for Sea of Thieves, and intrepid players will no doubt be trying to find Merrick, the peg-legged pirate from the teaser. Despite having two peg-legs and a hook hand, Merrick has managed to make his way to a distant island in the Sea of Thieves.
[h=2]Where to Find Merrick[/h]
Finding Merrick is a simple task, as he only resides in one location: Shark Bait Cove. This island is made up of concentric rings and is located in the south-west area of Sea of Thieves at I24. Reaching this island is as simple as figuring out what direction to travel and then setting sail. Because it is so close to the lower-left edge of the map, it could take a while to reach.
Merrick can be found on the southwest side of the island, on the outermost ring. He will be sitting by his campfire and the ruins of his rowboat. Players can speak with Merrick, but unfortunately he’s had a little too much grog and won’t make a whole lot of sense – nor will he reveal much information (for now). Merrick will soon sober up and offer a few riddles for players to solve.

For the time being, players can ask Merrick how he lost his legs (how rude!) and question him about the sudden appearance of extremely aggressive sharks. But alas, as mentioned above, Merrick has had too much grog to be able to think clearly, and unlike players, throwing a bucket of water on him does not sober him up.
There are only a few days until The Hungering Deep launches, so take the time to gather a crew and prepare to take on the monsters that await below the surface of the water. In the meantime, check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves Guide for more helpful tips and strategies, as well as animal location guides!


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