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Jon Noble 84 - Creepypasta
Wednesday - November 22'nd 2017, at home. Nr.11 Altoise Crescent, Tranent, UK

Turning his laptop on and then setting the timer on the coffee machine for 15 minutes, Jonathan Noble decides to take a shower. After an otherwise uneventful day, having a nice hot coffee was one of the things he was looking forward to ever since he woke up. Without hesitation he heads to the bathroom where he sits on the side of the bathtub turning the hot and cold water handles clockwise. He closed his eyes suddenly remembering the day he bought both of them. It was a dry hot summer day about two years ago. The sky was mighty clear and there was no sign of bad weather. He was having a nice Gin & Tonic with his wife Hollie in the outmost eastern side of the terrace under the hot sun at "Hooligans" their favorite place down in Edinburgh when they both noticed the brand new sign above the shop across the street which said "We're now open, please come in". Jon didn't say a word about it at first, but he did notice his wife ogling intently at the place as if she wanted to go in. After 12 years of marriage it's safe to say Jon was still completely in love with his wife, and as far as he was concerned his wife is always priority number one.

- Hey, Hollie. I feel like checking that place out, would you like to join me? he said.
Meanwhile a face with a huge smile plastered all over it slowly turns toward him and replies:

- Sure! Of course! I mean if that's what you want to? said Hollie in a cute cheeky voice as if she was planning it all along.

Of course she was. She knew her husband as well as the back of her own hand, and she knew he would pay attention as always. She was also madly in love with him, and she didn't want to force him into doing anything he wasn't comfortable with. You could say they were the perfect couple. And that was nothing compared to their greatest achievement. I'm talking of course about Blue. Their daughter. She looks mostly like her mother, but had inherited her father's cute nose and his crazy dense dark hair, however she wasn't there that day. Beatrice, Hollie's lifelong friend offered to take Blue in to spend some time with her three daughters. Both Jon and Hollie were perfectly fine with this as Beatrice was not only a good friend, their neighbor, and a great mom, but was also a specialist in working with children having a top job in the best preschool child care institution that money can buy.

Both of them decided to go across the street to check out the store. Not long after going in, Hollie sets her gaze upon the most beautiful alabaster faucets she had ever seen. Surprisingly, Jon liked them more than he would like to admit and instantly decided to buy them.

- Do you think Blue'll like 'em? asked Hollie wide eyed staring at him.
- I'm sure she wi....

..................................................................... addy? - a voice in the background gets louder and louder while his memories of that particular day start to blur out and dissipate as he grasps back onto reality.


Jon opens his eyes only to realize he is still grabbing onto the hot water alabaster faucet which was now turned all the way to max and slowly starts feeling pain on his right arm as boiling hot water was pouring all over it. His reflexes kick in and he quickly takes his arm out of there.

He turns around protecting his arm with his left hand, and as he glances through the open door, which was about three feet away from him, he sees Blue just standing there.

- Daddy? Do you remember now? she asked
- No honey. Daddy doesn't remember anything yet. I'm sorry. he replied
- Will you remember soon? she insists
- I don't know. I might never remember. I'm sorry. he answered wholeheartedly while looking at her as she slowly walked down the hallway continuously singing "Daddy doesn't remember, daddy doesn't remember"

The pain in his right arm was too much at this point and he decides to skip the shower for now.
In the kitchen downstairs the alarm on the coffee machine was ringing louder and louder. A minute later he stopped it and filled one of the mugs up to the brim. A banging noise was coming from upstairs, from Blue's room, but this was normal nowadays so he ignored it and went into his office which was situated above the basement near the back entrance of the house. Abandoning the coffee mug momentarily on the desk beside the mouse, near his laptop, Jon pulls out the mobile phone from his pocket checking the latest tweets and comments on his videos. He has a Youtube channel and quite the following in there with almost one million subscribers. The internet is both beautiful and terrifying and as such, some of the comments posted on his videos were troll comments. One of them was saying he should kill himself. After a couple of minutes he puts the phone away and turns on the camera on his laptop to record a new video. His psychiatrist suggested he should record a new video everyday for a whole year, and then watch it to see if he notices any difference or progress. Of course he never said anything about uploading the videos on Youtube.

He stares at the camera for a few seconds and then places his elbows on the desk while plunging his head into his palms slowly sliding his fingers through his once thick dark hair which was now slowly turning silver and falling off at a steady rate.

- Ok. he says while the banging noise in the background suddenly and unexpectedly stops.

- Hi guys. It's Jon Noble 84 again. It's now pfff... day 313 since the incident. The process of recovering my memory of that night has come to a halt. Although I'm trying, nothing new seems to surface. As usual I want to keep you updated, and let you know if anything changes. I want to thank you again for being with me on this long journey and for your support throughout all of this. Now I would like to say a few words to Hollie like I promised a long time ago.

- the banging noise in the background restarts, this time unnoticed

(His viewers are used to this by now. At the end of each and every one of his videos Jon talks to his wife for a while. Sometimes his videos are short, and sometimes they end up longer than he would like them to be but when it comes down to his viewers, some of them were there only to emotionally feed off his pain and to watch him talk to his wife)

- Hi, Hollie. How are you. I'm here as usual. As promised. I want you to know that there's not an hour that goes by without thinking of you. I miss you so much! I miss holding you, and talking to you, and laughing with you. You know that thing that you use to say to me every time I was away from you for more than a few hours? Yeah that thing. "I miss your face, that face! I've missed it!", and then you'd grab me in your arms and kiss me like there was no tomorrow? Well heck. I miss your face! Yeah that face.
- he picks up a photo off the desk gently running his thumb across it before placing it back down.

- I need you more than ever as it has become increasingly harder to keep it together and stay afloat with everything that's happening lately, but I've got good news too. Blue's doing fine. She can't go to school yet, but I bet she will be brilliant when she does get there. After all she takes to you more than she does to me and we both know that you're far smarter than me. Surely that's a sign that she will be smarter than both of us. Right?

After pausing for a few seconds, Jon continues talking to the camera.

- She's asking questions. Questions I cannot answer yet. I just wish I could remember sooner rather than later. Anyway, I'm still here, still missing you, still thinking about you.

- Ok.. Guys .. Thanks for watching the video, like if you like, subscribe if that's your thing otherwise leave your comments below, and I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that he clicked the upload button and left the laptop and his mobile phone downstairs, and went to take Belle out for a walk. Not before checking out on Blue first of course.
As he was climbing the stairs, Jon started hearing the banging sound once again. He was so focused on the video and ignored it completely earlier, and now, with each step taken, the pauses between the banging sounds grew larger and larger until the whole noise came to a halt as he stopped in front of Blue's door.

Jon stretched his hand to knock on the door when out of nowhere the voice behind asked:

- Daddy's taking hollie blue bells?
This stopped him in his tracks. These kind of things, unusual as they seemed, were happening more often than not, but that was indeed his daughter's voice so instead, he gently placed his hand on the door and answered:

- Daddy's just going out for a little while. I'll be back in no time. Are you hungry? Do you need anything?

- Nope. I'm full. comes the reply from the other side of the door.
- All right then I'll be just outside. If you need me call me from the window Ok?

-------- - no reply this time.

- Ok then. (Replied Jon lost within his thoughts)

Halfway through his daily walk with the dog, Belle started acting strangely. She kept looking upwards to Blue's window. What was even stranger was the fact that Belle was growling. She never used to before. In that moment Jon had a panic attack and his vision started blurring. He turned towards Belle.
Belle was a beautiful grey and white husky with deep blue eyes and soft thick fur, but to him, somehow, she was now dark as night, beast-ish, wolflike, with red eyes, shimmering and flickering in and out of his visual sight.

Scared, he lets go of the leash and runs as fast as he could toward his house with Belle chasing him all the way. He blasted through the front door quickly closing it behind him, locking the door and sitting down against it. Breathing heavily, shaking, with his heart beating about 200 times a minute he loses consciousness.

- Jon? Jon! a womanly voice cries out to him

As he was lying on the floor, suddenly he bolts upwards as if freshly awakened from a nightmare only to find himself on a throw, on the sand, on Portobello Beach beside his wife Hollie and his daughter Blue.

- Jon you're missing the waves! says the voice again. A voice he could now surely identify as Hollie's

Desperately trying to make sense of things he tries to lift himself up but not before Hollie grabs his hand, pulling him up, getting closer to him and looking him in the eyes while her amazingly sincere face and dazzling smile turn into a mortifying expression.

- Jon!?
- Wake up!
- Honey! You have to wake up! NOW!

He wakes up only to find himself in the same spot in front of the door, still shivering, and still frightened.
It was a dream. Just another one of his memories. So vivid and so accurate. He got to see his beloved wife if only for a few seconds. Trying to man up and muster some courage he opens the door to find poor Belle outside, laying down in front of the door whimpering helplessly.

After assessing that his mind was playing tricks on him and that what he saw wasn't true, he lets the dog in and heads to the office. Once there he notices that the cup of coffee was in a different spot and not where he'd left it but he didn't mind it as much as the top comment on the screen of his laptop which was posted by an anonymous user which said:

- Kill yourself.

That comment was followed by a few others:

- They should lock people like you up


- Man people like this guy should take a test before being allowed to use the internet. #Hashtag takeadookiebro

along with a random


Surprisingly this was thumbed up by the users "Playstation Bro" and "Xbox is life".
In between reading the comments Jon hears the banging noise again. As usual it was coming from upstairs, and this time he is determined to check it out. Running up the stairs and opening Blue's bedroom door he finds her banging her head on the wall. Immediately he picks her up wiping the blood off her forehead and sits her on the bed.

- Blue!? Honey? Daddy's here! What's wrong?

She starts sobbing quietly and whispers something.

- What's that?! Tell daddy what's wrong. You can tell me anything!

Jon gets closer to her trying to figure out what she's saying.

- I said. There's something in my closet.

- There's nothing in your closet Blue. Monsters aren't real. It's all in our mind.

- Daddy but this one is. The monster is real!

- Blue look (says Jon while walking towards the closet) I can prove that it's not real honey. Look.

- Daddy please don't open the door. Daddy NO!

- Blue, honey, you're scaring me.

- Don't open the door daddy don't! Please don't!

Even though he was scared and every inch of his body was trembling uncontrollably he moves closer and closer to the closet door, and with a quick flick of his wrist he opens the door and jumps back almost as scared as Blue was.

- Blue lets out a long deafening scream.

- See. There's nothing in the..
Just as he was about to finish his sentence some of the clothes inside the closet moved a little.

Approaching the closet Jon reaches out for the long coats, slowly pulling them aside only to find a child squatting in there.

- WHAT THE HELL!? shouts Jon with a crackling voice.

- I told you I told you! Exclaims his daughter.

As he was getting closer to the child he noticed there was a girl crying in there.
Shaking and shivering, Jon gets closer trying to get a better look at her and tries to lift her face up.

Inside there was a little girl with blue eyes and long, dark, dense hair and a ... cu- ...-te.. lit-...-tle nose?

It was BLUE!!

The little girl looks at Jon with tears in her eyes and says:

- Daddy there's something on my bed ..

A deep grim voice coming from behind him speaks:


The thing on the bed jumps on Jon and he blacks out.


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