what to do as zerg


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Apr 6, 2013
learn all the new hotkeys and learn the basic mechanics of it of it all from there ill say, have someone coach you for further basics of the race. Do Not and i Repeat Do NOT JUST LEARN ALL INS!!!!

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Mar 24, 2013
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plz help m,e out switching to zerg from toss need help ty
so many zergs... my tip is that you use those quick tech switches and remember the late game defense (spores and spines), don't wanna lose games just because of dts.

I agree, all in's are reserved for protoss ;P
One word: banelings.

Stay calm and keep droning.
[video=youtube;a8jwm9jl3ko]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8jwm9jl3ko[/video] Oh noes, mass drone.


Sep 11, 2012
Write down in every matchup how your supply and the amount of drones you got at 08:00 every game. It feels more fun to improve when you have something concrete to improve.

If you see someone is attacking you, make 3 overlords first, then units. If you make units until you're supplyblocked you will most likely end up with a smaller army.

There is probably so much you can improve so I think it's good to make a plan for yourself if you wanna get insane really fast. Week one should be all about macro. Don't scout, don't be agressive, don't micro. Just focus each day on different stuff.
Day1: could be injects. If you miss an inject by 3 energy before 10 min you should already think you've lost.
Day2: could be larvae spending and always produce one/two/three overlords before you spend the rest of the chunk of larvae.
Day3: combine this shit together.
The thing about this is that you really need to put your focus where you want it to be. Isolate yourself from the game, don't put the focus on what your instincts want.

Or you can just play casual and sell your soul to the Devil and he can make you the new bonjwa. I believe you have to go to a crossroad and dig a hole to put a box with a picture of you in it for a demon to show up. 10 years of success in this game could be worth it.
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