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Seasons are run on the basis of: Creativity.

What I mean by this is, the rules will change with each season, but there will be one rule to "rule" them all. No meta decks. We want to promote people making their own decks in these seasons, for several reasons. One reason, and probably the most important one, for me, is learning every card. This really won't help older players who basically know the ins and outs of Hearthstone, but maybe it'll promote some theory crafting with you guys.

How long does a season last:
The season will last nearly as long as the normal Hearthstone season. Our season will end a little sooner for our tournament, and so you can push normal ladders in Hearthstone if wanted.

How do Rankings Work:
For now this system will be based on a win:loss system. Where winning will net you points and losing will end of a loss in points. If someone has a better idea, don't be afraid to PM me or talk to me in TS about it!

Possible Rewards:
-Fever Coins
-Battle.Net gift cards
-Free Games
(Keep in mind every season will not have a "big" pay off.)

I will update this thread the more information I get on it. As this is still an early work in progress it most likely will change! The gist of it should stay the same, though.

I will also sort out registration later this week, probably.
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