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Welcome to the SMITE Guide Section!
In this section of the forums we will have the needed guides for the SMITE section, for example:
- Role guides
- Gamemode guides
- God guides
- And much more!

How does it work?
Everyone is allowed to contribute to the guide section. Just think of a nice subject, make sure you know enough about it and fly! Write away and produce the best you can. If you think your guide is at the Fever Standards you can message [MENTION=74486]Grant[/MENTION] to see if your guide really fits our standards.

Rewards for making guides
If you make a good guide, it doesn't go unnoticed. Making a good guide which goes by our standards rewards you with 400 Fever Coins to spend in any way you like. It can also earn you a nice reward/medal to show off on your profile. It also adds on nice to contributing to the section and clan as a whole, which helps in getting noticed for a possible rankup.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message [MENTION=74486]Grant[/MENTION] and ask away! My mailbox is always open!

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