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Apr 11, 2016
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Hello all of you wonderful people! Things are starting to look a bit brighter!

A few things have happened.
First, I got a PRAO. If you don't know what a prao is, it's basically when your school sends you off to one of many companies where you'll be working (without pay) for 4 weeks. So you can get that sweet sweet necessary work experience, or so they say.

Second, I can't believe I am saying this but I have been offered by a wonderful youtuber to become their editor! They will supply me with an editing program and I will be able to learn it, use it, and love it as I edit their videos for them! They will instruct me on how they want their videos made and I will perform according to said instructions.

Lastly, I want to thank a few people for really making me feel loved in this clan! Those people are:


Guys, thank you so very much for making me feel loved and appreciated.
Despite there being so many people in this clan, and there being new members every single hour, I can't understand why I am the chosen one to be part of your family, but I appreciate it to the maximum!

So thank you all for reading this! I also have one last thing I want to add if you're interested in reading!

I want to (hopefully if I am allowed) inform the higher ranked officers about maybe making a Killing Floor 2 group! If you don't know what Killing Floor 2 is, allow me to explain in a few short sentences:

Story: In the present time, the bio-medical and -engineering company Horzine Corp. has tried to develope and create military soldiers with superspowers! Medics who can heal fatal wounds in seconds! Soldiers who won't even flinch if a grenade lands next to them and go off! Artillery units who will push through the enemy lines unlike anything! Unfortunatly, the experiments were huge failures and the mutants broke free. In Killing Floor 1, England was overrun with the freaks, and now in Killing Floor 2, Europe seems to be next on the menu.

The Game: Killing Floor 2 is a gory, bloody, massacre survival horror game where you kill monsters, gain cash, buy new weapons and armor between the rounds, and keep killing. There are all kinds of monsters like the Cyst, Crawlers, Siren, Scrake, Bloat, Clot, and more. Your job is simple: Kill everything that moves. The game is known for its brutality, its gory-ness, and it's famous ZED-time ( Slow-motion which triggers for all players when an overkill occurs). You can choose different perks to gain more damage with specific weapons. Want to do more damage with a flamethrower? Pick the Firebug perk! Want to cleave through your enemies with a sword? Pick the Berserker perk! Want to dual wield magnum revolvers? Pick the Gunslinger perk! There are dozens of options and even more are already being developed like the Sharpshooter perk, Martial Arts Perk, and the SWAT Perk! Don't just stand there! Pick up your guns! Zeds are coming... and things are about to get messy~

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