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Dec 16, 2016
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I will be collaborating with the Overwatch community to host a tournament for the Overwatch fans. Ugabuga Miss Joker and myself will be collaborating to get this set up. There is no set timetable for this as we want this to be great experience for all of you. I just wanted to let you guys know there is a tournament in the works. As more details become available, I will post them here in this thread. That being said, I want you guys to give me your input on what you would like (e.g. 1 v 1, teams, etc.). Formatting will be discussed with Overwatch leadership and made public once these details are set. Once again, this is to get the community involved and reward the dedication of the Overwatch players. Thanks for keeping the game active, let us know what you want to see, and I'll keep you guys posted as details are released.
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