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Welcome to the First installment of The Tracer Tribunal, the Fever Clan’s Overwatch Newsletter. This week we discuss the most recent patch notes, Game Nights, the game heads, and a look at the new hero Batptiste.


Tuesday Game Night Lead (8pm):

Chronubis (Company Commander)

Thursday Game Night Lead (6:30):

Divine Kitty

Comp Season ends in
56 Days

Patch Notes (February 19)

(Highlights of the notes)

Rialto had a bug fixed where players would fall through boats and die

If Mei Cyro-freeze on bobs head he will now continue to attack her, instead of stop attacking all together

Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter will now affect players after they have been affected by a max traveled pin.

Symmetra’s Turrets now continue to move with moving objects instead of floating mid air at the original location.

New Hero!!!

There is a new hero out on the PTR currently. The new Hero is called Baptiste. The rumors circulating is that he is supposed to be the answer to the broken GOATS comp (All tank and supports). He is a support healer who uses a three round burst gun, which both heals and damages.

His abilities are Regenerative Burst, Immortality Field, Amplification Matrix, and Exo Boots. The Regenerative Burst is an AOE explosion of healing to nearby enemies. The explosion comes from Baptiste’s own body. The Immortality Field acts much like a shield barrier, however instead of having a health based expiration, it is time based. The Amplification Matric is similar to the Immortality shield, in that it is a time based ability which has similar graphics to the shield as well. This ability amplifies any projectiles that pass through it.

Again he is out on the PTR, feel free to check him out and give us your thoughts on his usefulness in comps.

Here is a link to the Overwatch overview of him:


If you have an interest in doing another game night, or helping out with recruiting, newsletters, forum moderating, please reach out to one of the Higher ups in the Clan. We are always looking for motivated individuals who want to help our Fever family grow.


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