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Feb 12, 2016





These will be the rules for all upcoming Tournaments we will be hosting for the League of Legends Section.

  1. All Fever Rules are applied. If you break any of the rules, we have the power to remove you from the the tournament/event and will do so with swift justice! This may also lead to you being removed from Fever if you are a member or banned from Teamspeak if you are a guest.
  2. All EULA AND TOS for League of Legends must be followed.
  3. Account sharing is NOT ALLOWED.
  4. If you have an issue with anyone on your team or on the opposing team, please contact the moderator in your channel so they can resolve the situation.
  5. If you become more than 10 minutes inactive during the tournament, you will have forfeited your spot, and your eligibility for prizes and rewards.
  6. If you lose, please be respectful, remember it is just a game.
  7. If you win, do not be disrespectful in/out of the game. No taunting after death, or saying "wrecked, rekt' in chat.
  8. If you show up for a tournament, we will expect you to be there the entire time.
  9. Prizes are awarded out at the end of the event. You must stay for the entirety of the event to be eligible for prizes.
  10. Tournament admins reserve the right to give out prizes to participants based on our criteria.
  11. Tournament admins reserve the right to deny prizes to participants based on our criteria.
  12. Guests are allowed for tournaments but are not eligible for prizes unless stated otherwise.
  13. No premades allowed unless stated otherwise.
  14. By participation in an event you agree to follow all of these rules in addition to The Fever Standard.

Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.

Any Questions please contact Me, our Company Commander, or Assistant Company Commander: [MENTION=63554]Mayo[/MENTION], [MENTION=47521]Shiva[/MENTION], [MENTION=20]Doiri[/MENTION]
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