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This week at Bungie, we’ve been cast adrift on a sea of action.

Next Tuesday, a new season begins in Destiny 2. When the Drifter assumes control of our shared adventure, he’ll have much more to offer than the Gambit you’ve known since the release of Forsaken. New quests and pinnacle weapons will become available for players who want to rank up in their favorite activities. There will be new Triumphs to complete and lore to collect. Gambit Prime and the Reckoning also become available to owners of the Annual Pass, with a call to embrace and master one of four distinct roles in combat: Reaper, Invader, Collector, and Sentry. To get a full rundown of what’s coming, make sure to check out the ViDoc that was released earlier today:

Below, you can find a calendar showing off a more in-depth view of Season of the Drifter. Save these dates! The Drifter will also offer Annual Pass owners a unique set of Power Surge bounties, granting 640 Power gear to get players right into the content.

The Gameplay calendar has been updated to reflect some changes throughout development. Check the Season of the Drifter article for quick preview of Invitations of the Nine and the Allegiance quest.

We’re excited for you to jump in and play. March 5 is just a few sleeps away, and we still have some time to get into the nitty-gritty. Let’s dive in.
Prime Accessibility
With Season of the Drifter, we’ve kept accessibility in full focus through the development process. This isn’t just from a standpoint of entering the activity at appropriate Power levels, but also making sure that each role is readable to all players. As you can see in the ViDoc above, each role has a specific color applied to their armor. Tech Art Lead Nate Hawbaker has some information on how colorblind settings will apply to these armor pieces:
Nate: For colorblind modes in Destiny, rather than applying a filter over the whole screen, we change only the content that uses color as its primary messaging to the player and greatly impacts their moment-to-moment decisions in the gameplay loop. Each case is handled individually and authored by hand to ensure we’re making the best decision possible. Most forms of colorblind have only two dominant colors—for situations like this, we have to get creative with color saturation and value to ensure each role is as identifiable as possible.

This is what each of the Gambit Prime roles will look like when seen through the (simulated) eyes of affected players once their respective colorblind settings are enabled.

Three Peaks

With each season, Guardians have new ways to become legend: climbing the ranks in Crucible, mastering new modes, or racking up the most kills with new, powerful weapons. Sandbox Designer Victor Andersonis back to unveil three new pinnacle weapons, available to all players, coming with Season of the Drifter. In other words, here's a preview of the bread you'll be baking next season.

Victor: For Season of the Drifter, we have another set of pinnacle weapons for players to acquire. Like with the last set, we have one each for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit.
Oxygen SR3—Precision Scout Rifle (Solar)

Oxygen SR3’s unique perk is “Meganeura: Dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits made beforehand.”

Scout Rifles have had a long history with Dragonfly and its predecessor over the history of Destiny. This weapon seeks to double down on that history and improve upon it in a simple and effective way. The general design ethos of a pinnacle weapon is that if it approaches an Exotic-esque effect, it must work conditionally—such as activating on a kill event or asking you to risk getting into melee range—and if it works in a neutral setting, then it must only change the way you can do something, not necessarily what you can do. This is an example of the former.
The Recluse—Lightweight Submachine Gun (Void)


The Recluse’s unique perk is “Master of Arms: Kills with any weapon improve this weapon’s damage for a short time.”

Submachine Guns are in a contentious spot in the game after the Forsaken release. With Shotguns occupying a similar engagement range while also offering that one-shot-kill potential that is so highly valued, alongside always being in competition with Sidearms and even the Last Word as the close-quarters primary weapon of choice, Submachine Guns have fallen slightly to the wayside. So we created the “Master of Arms” perk so it could find its place in any given loadout. We look forward to seeing people experiment with it.
21% Delirium—Rapid-Fire Machinegun (Arc)


21% Delirium’s unique perk is “Killing Tally: Kills increase this weapon’s damage until it is stowed or reloaded.”

This will be our first Rapid-Fire Machine Gun for Destiny 2—how many of you out there guessed the archetype, but not the sub-archetype? With the reintroduction of bullet-hose-style Machine Guns, we figured a perk that played with their large magazine sizes and dealing with waves of enemies would be appropriate. Unlike the other two weapons, this one also has one of the new weapon perks we’re introducing in Season of the Drifter—“Overflow,” to kick the magazine size out even further for true spray ’n pray action.

While we’re on the subject of weapons, here’s another preview of some changes made for Season of the Drifter:

Exotic Power Weapons in Destiny have been the go-to for quite some time due to getting the most bang for your buck from raw damage. These changes, along with others that will be shown when the full patch notes for 2.2.0 are revealed, are intended to make Legendary Power weapons a good option for those who enjoy their Exotic Kinetic and Energy weapons. We believe that the Exotic you choose to run should be an expression of your playstyle rather than just the math working out in your favor.

Exotics will always have their unique properties, but a well-rolled Legendary Power weapon should be able to compete in raw damage with an Exotic Power weapon, although the Legendary weapon may need conditional setups and mods to outright match. Nonetheless, the gap should not be so wide that you, the player, feel it necessary to run an Exotic in any specific slot.

Grenade Launchers
    • PvE damage increased by 25%
    • Reserve ammo increased on most Grenade Launcher
      • In most cases, Grenade Launchers gained three rounds in reserves, but this amount may vary based on the perks you have (Field Prep, etc)Magazine perks and mods no longer affect ammo reserves

Grenade Launchers had a bit of a reserve issue due to the magazine having an impact on reserves—and as a result, the reserve total wildly changed, typically not in favor of the player. This was addressed, and they got a PvE damage bonus on top of it to make them more competitive in that slot.

Rocket Launchers
    • PvE damage increased by 60–65% (Exotic Rocket Launchers have had their damage tuned separately)
    • Cluster Bomb
      • Damage reduced by ~80%
      • This lost damage was moved to the Rocket Launcher's main projectile, as noted above in the damage increase

Rocket Launchers were entirely too dependent on Cluster Bombs to be effective. Like the Full Auto perk on Shotguns, Cluster Bombs would nearly double the damage output of any given rocket (under optimal conditions). The result was that on any target that you couldn't get all the Cluster Bombs to impact and detonate, Rocket Launchers fell by the wayside pretty harshly. By moving most of the damage of Cluster Bombs into the rocket itself, Rocket Launchers will now be more reliable and more effective all around—especially against aerial targets that Cluster Bombs would almost never damage.
Eververse Seasonal Update


With each season, we have an opportunity to update our goals surrounding Eververse, and the ways players engage with it. In Season of the Drifter, we’ve put more focus on giving players control in the ways they acquire the items they wish to equip. From the Dev Team:

Destiny Dev Team: Last year, we talked about our efforts to give you more control over how you purchase Eververse items. We released the Prismatic Matrix as an experiment to partially address this, but we believe we can do even better.

For Season of the Drifter, we want to try something new. We will be removing the Prismatic Matrix. Instead, every week, there will be unique bundles available that can be directly purchased for Silver, allowing you to directly buy exactly the items you want. All unique bundles will also contain an exclusive vanity item available only through that weekly bundle.

If you currently have any Prismatic facets, you can still use them up until March 5. After the beginning of the new season, they will turn into Expired Prismatic Facets that will dismantle into 150 Bright Dust. The Bright Dust Storefront will also continue to offer a direct path to acquiring items found within Bright Engrams.

As always, we will continue to monitor feedback and work to improve the Eververse experience each season. And when we are ready to try something new, we will share those plans directly with you. For now, here are a few items you can expect to see in next Season’s Bright Engram:



Sealing the Deal
With the release of Forsaken, many among you have been on the hunt for titles to augment your Guardians with. Whether it be a Dredgen dominating the competition in Gambit, or Cursebreakers fighting for the Queen, titles are a unique way to ornament your guardians and show off your accomplishments.

Some titles require the completion of Destination Badges, which are dependent on earning every piece of gear from various destinations or vendors. We have been collecting feedback and are currently working on a change to drop weights associated with vanity items from the Dreaming City and Last Wish raid. Additionally, we are looking at BrayTech weapon schematics, and One Thousand Voices. We will provide additional information closer to the release of these changes.


We are also extending the availability of the Bungie Rewards Medallion Pins tied to each Seal. The Bungie Rewards Help Article has been updated with the following information:

Premium Seal Pins: The Bungie Rewards offer for the Premium Seal Pins has been extended from March 30, 2019, to August 31, 2019. Codes that are redeemed from the Bungie Rewards page before February 28 will expire on April 30, 2019; codes generated before or on February 28 will need to be used on the Bungie Store by April 30. If a code expires and players are unable to use a code on the Bungie Store in time, they should make a post on the #Help forums describing the issue for assistance. Codes redeemed after February 28th, 2019 will need to be used in the Bungie Store by September 30, 2019.

For all support information concerning Bungie Rewards, please see this Help Article.

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