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Added to Calendar: 03-13-21

Hi Fever! It's time for us to host another special edition of our Town of Salem game night with all fever members. All experience and skill levels are welcome, and RSVP to the event is on a first come, first served basis. We will need 15 clan members to run the event, if we do not get all 15 spots filled the event will be rescheduled. Please reply to this thread or message me on Discord if you'd like to participate. The tentative date and time for this event is currently this coming Saturday 3-13-2021 at 7pm EST

For more info on how Town of Salem works, check it out HERE on Steam.

The Top 3 finishers will be awarded the Fever Competition Ribbon or an updated version of the medal if you already have it.
Placement will be based on a point system. At the end of each round points will be distributed as follows;

Town roles - 1 point for winning
Mafia roles - 1 point for winning
Serial killer - 3 points for winning
Jester - 2 points for getting yourself lynched
Executioner - 2 points for getting your target lynched. If you turn into a Jester then as above

We nee d 15 people to be able to run this event, if interested please reply here or message me on Discord.

As always, mafia rules, town drools!

1. theoldbore
2. vaguity
3. Miss Joker
4. Schlinky
5. OmegaDir
6. wolfieaz
7. KhaleesiRae
8. Sixxed17
9. Shenanoska
10. Yue
11. Tef42
12. PsyJester
13. Badger
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