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Feb 17, 2016
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So now that we've had some time to delve into the big, recent patch of Grim Dawn, what do you guys think of the changes, with veteran being harder, and resists really being a big deal across the board? Before the patch, I found a lot of my builds were always mainly focused on doing as much damage as possible, without having much in the way of defense between armor and resists. Wasn't a big deal if you could melt stuff before it got you. Now however, you are punished pretty early on if your resists aren't capped. Unless you get some really good rng on your side, you will almost always have to trade some damage for defenses now. While I'm a little bummed that the game definitely focuses more on defensive than before, it is nice to actually have to consider your gear and really make you think and do some stat crunching to see if these "upgrades" you get are actually better. I'd still like to think the endgame is still the way to go towards those mythic set pieces, but however I'm sure it's possible to find some really good greens too.
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