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The Modern Mind A Thought Vacuum? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 12, 2015
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Through recent observation I have come to understand that a popular issue with society at large is a lack of thoughtfulness. This would come from the vast amount of time spent in front of a screen or going about doing the daily routine. Not much time at all is spent just being quiet, thinking. For many people, the only time spent quiet and alone with ones thoughts would be right before one sleeps. This could be the reason many people have good ideas right before they sleep. The lack of taking time to think through the day and giving the mind time to do so only before sleep could also lead to an increase in cases of insomnia. I think if people were to write their good thoughts down throughout the day and spend time being quiet reading a book or just sitting and taking a moment to relax it could help with the aforementioned problems.

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