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Jul 20, 2022




The Cycle: Frontier can be a difficult game to get to grips with, but there are a number of tips and tricks that can give you the upper hand as you venture through Fortuna III.
Trying to play safe and keep hold of those precious resources? Take note of our The Cycle: Frontier tips and tricks that will best serve you as you explore through The Cycle: Frontier's unforgiving world.
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Don't Shoot Striders
Striders are the small bipedal animals that you'll see all over Fortuna III. Like the other lifeforms on the planet, they are immediately hostile, but instead of lighting them up with gunfire, it's best to bring out your knife by pressing 'V' and then swipe at them. If you are playing on the Bright Sands map, this is a one-hit kill.
Because of this, you not only preserve ammo for more worthwhile threats, but you also better conceal your location from those who are trying to seek you out. NOTE: This does not work on Crescent Falls, the harder of the two available maps, as all creatures are significantly buffed both in terms of health and damage.
Ration Your Resources
The Cycle: Frontier has a hardcore loot system, where upon death you lose your entire inventory (other than items you place in your Safe Pockets). You might be inclined, particularly as you begin your adventure in the game, to be as well-equipped as possible to give yourself the best odds of success, similar to the loadout detailed in the image below.
Whilst that may technically be true, you are going to be far better off if you ration your equipment. So maybe instead of a Backpack, Shield, Helmet, and 2 well-stocked weapons, head down to Fortuna III with just 1 weapon and a backpack. That way you can still collect items and materials and can still defend yourself, but ultimately you won't be kicking yourself too much for overpreparing should someone or something get the better of you.
Remember Dead Drop Locations
As you continue into the game and progress through the various quests available in The Cycle: Frontier through different Factions, certain objectives will require you to collect specific items and then drop them off in unique containers dotted around the map.

Keep Your Stamina In Check
As in many other games, your Stamina meter dictates what actions you can and cannot perform. Whilst it may be enticing to want to sprint from location to location or to barrel through a building trying to grab as much loot as possible, running out of Stamina can often prove to be a death sentence.
Once you run out of Stamina, you cannot jump, swing your pickaxe or knife, you cannot run, and your character makes heavy breathing noises, which can act as a homing beacon to nearby players or creatures that you are trying to evade. As such, use it in moderation, approach almost every scenario (no matter how inconsequential) with caution and patience, and you'll almost always be the better for it.
Hold Off On Evac
What often proves to be the most heart-pounding moment of a run in The Cycle: Frontier is when you have collected enough resources and need to leave Fortuna III and return to Prospect Station. You'll note a couple of red icons on the map that denotes where your personal Evac Point options are; each player on the map will have unique locations, so don't worry about others dogpiling in).
However, that doesn't mean that other players who are on the unfriendly side can't spy your Evac Ship coming in to land, follow it and catch you out just as you're about to depart. The inside of the Evac Ship has little to no cover and is open in every direction. What you may not know, is that once you call in the ship and it lands, if you don't get inside, it will prepare to depart automatically shortly after. As such, you can (and should) strategize when to sprint into the ship and escape just in time, so that you spend as little time exposed as possible.

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