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Sep 20, 2022




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In FC 24, packs contain randomised content like players and club Items that can help you build your dream squad. There are a lot of different packs in FUT 24, so much so that it can be overwhelming. However, which packs are the best? Don't worry; we will tell you all about the best EA FC 24 packs available.

Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack is the best in EA FC 24. It is the most expensive pack that can be bought with real money. An Ultimate Pack has a value of 125,000 FC 24 Coins UK/2,500 Points. In return, you will receive a pack containing at least 30 rare gold players. Of these 30, there may also be FIFA Icons, FUT Heroes, or another special card.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack

The second-best pack is the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This pack has a value of 100.000 FC coins/2.000 FC points. Instead of 30 rare gold players that the ultimate pack has, this pack has 24 rare gold players.

Rare Mega Pack

After the Jumbo Rare Players Pack, packs quickly become less valuable. You can open the Rare Mega Pack for 55,000 FC coins/1,100 FC points. This pack contains 30 rare items. It consists of players, users, stadiums, and staff items. The exact numbers per item aren't predetermined. Because of this, you can unpack about 9 to 12 players.

Rare Players Pack

The Rare Players Pack contains exactly half of the value of a Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This pack costs 50,000 FUT 24 Coins/1,000 FC points. The pack consists of 12 rare gold players.

Premium Team of the Week (TOTW) Pack

The Premium TOTW Pack has no value. The pack isn't available in the store, as you can only get the pack from FIFA Weekend League Rewards. To earn the pack, you must achieve Rank III in the Weekend League. But this pack guarantees you three TOTW players of that week. During Team of the Season, the pack transforms into a Premium TOTS pack. You then get three TOTS players instead of TOTW players.

Icon Swap Packs

The Icon Swaps often also contain unique, valuable, and very good packs you can't buy in the store. An example of this is the 84+ x20 Upgrade Pack. This pack includes 20 players with a minimum rating of 84. If there are no Icons in the Icon Swaps that you want, then such packs are always very valuable to get.

Have you learned anything new about FC 24 with these best FUT Packs explained? Share your FUT Pack luck with us in the comments section.

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