Event: TFT Tournament 9/29/20 8:30 PM EST


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Dec 16, 2016
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Due to the success of this TFT Tournament, we will be hosting another tournament 9/29/20 @ 8:30 PM EST. Prize pool will be announced the week of the tournament.

1) Round Robin Style
2) Groups of 8 players (you must draft your team and must have 2 subs in case people don't show otherwise I have to disqualify your team).
3) If you are found cheating/funneling resources to another player/or being toxic to another player, you will be warned once. If you are a repeat offender, I will remove you (and other offenders) from the server. You will be banned and blacklisted from any further TFT tournaments hosted by Fever.
4) We are in this to have fun. Have a positive attitude.
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