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Apr 29, 2013




PUBG Corp is hard at work on the long-awaited update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that will improve movement with vaulting and climbing. The changes will happen in 1.0, the post-early access version of the game, but the team wants to get a ton of feedback before going live. The patch for test servers will be available early next week, exact time and date to be shared soon.
The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds meta is about to undergo a major shift. Not only will the upcoming patch change how players maneuver around the battleground, but changes to the blue zone will force competitors to change strategies. The blue zone is the space outside of the blue wall that closes in incrementally throughout a PUBG match and it chips away at player's health more and more as the match goes on but players still risk the exposure for a chance to take out other players from behind. PUBG Corp is changing that with the current patch by increasing damage enough so that play outside of the main battlefield is discouraged and players can focus on what's in front of them.
Both of these things will influence the retail release in a huge way and there's some additional good news for that eventual launch as well, specifically on Xbox One:
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One version will have a physical release! #PUBG #PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds pic.twitter.com/cWtTsMoAJP
— Player Unknowns PUBG (@PlayerUnknowns_) October 23, 2017
Those that still cherish the physical editions of games can rejoice and, hopefully, PUBG Corp will add a few other elements to sweeten that package for those willing to head to stores for their competitive survival shooter. Better yet, maybe it'll hit PS4 soon after.


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