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Mar 12, 2017




These are the teams so far competing in the Fever Tournament which will be decided when and what time on Oct 2. More information will be added by editing this post right here. Shark Syndicate is most likely staying as that roster, Cosa Nostra Penguins roster is in the process of changing. Third Team Fever will be in the process of being made. If you would like a place on a team contact JNG FIfty for a tryout. Teams are not balanced and do not have any particular rank only in any team. Ranks range from Bronze to Plat. If you have any question contact [MENTION=80821]Fifty[/MENTION] or IGN: JNG FIfty for tryouts.
Cosa Nostra Penguins (Subject to Change)

Top: Megaman ZX
Jng: JNG Fifty
Mid: The OG Boricua
ADC: Worg
Sup: Macho0001

Shark Syndicate
Top: KrivX
Jng: Wolfganks
Mid: Byrdicus
ADC: ArtemisofHT
Sup: Sexy Tide

Third Team being made ask Jng Fifty for tryout
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