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GamersFirst is certainly taking the call for more involvement for the APB Community to heart and have created a Community Feedback Thread for the New Summer Survival Event. It is definitely a step in the right direction on G1's behalf, we'd like nothing more than more player input into Events and Giveaways that way it feels less like G1 is dictating the way we play and may help steer APB into the direction a lot of Community is crying out for. All that aside, it is a good chance to give your two-cents on the design and creation of the new Battle-Royal style Event they've got planned up for This Summer. So if you've got thoughts, feelings, or suggestions on how this new event should or could play out, go ahead and check it out.

This thread is for the Contagion event title suggestions. For more information on the event please review this blog post.

If you have suggestions for the Epidemic event titles, please post them to the forum thread.

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