Guides: Striker tank build

Hey guys, I've been playing around with a shield/damage reduction striker build. really good survivability and good damage from using strikers.

Weapon > Skarn Smashers (+3 molten +3 nine lives) (Special: Titans crash, Mod: Cyclonic Strikeplate)
Head > Sight of Stone (+3 nine lives)
Chest > Gnashers cloak (+3 iceborne)
Gloves > Draskscale gauntlets (+3 stunning vigor cell)
Feet > Draskscale Greaves (+3 stunning vigor cell)
Lantern > Skarn's Defiance (+3 Aetheric Attunement)

Consumables (Slayer flask, Bulwark tonic, Transfusion grenade, Life spring pylon)

The point of this build is to utilize the stacking shield from skarn smashers. Focus on staggering and interrupting the behemoth.


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Jan 23, 2020
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How’s the build working out for you? I haven’t yet gotten far enough in the game to completely figure out which role I’d be suited for. Currently only slayer level 20 in 4 days worth of playing and am looking forward to grinding out and having some fun. Please keep us updated on what works and doesn’t work. I’d like to at some point possibly create a guide or a team guide on farming and/or times people want to farm together or requests for help.
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