Steampunk Western Pathfinder Campaign?


Jun 21, 2016
Martinsburg, WV
Hello all :) about a year or so ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign for Westbound, as the title says it is a Steampunk Western setting for Pathfinder (3.5) and I am looking to try my hand at DMing a campaign from start to finish (my other games I attempted to DM fizzled out due to life).

I am hoping to do these Sunday afternoon/evening, I live East Coast USA (-5 GMT) so timezones will need to be taken into consideration when making a group. I will see how I can go about getting people the books used (I have a PDF due in a few days \o/ ). I plan on using Roll20 for everything needed. I would like to make it a fun game so we can have fun with characters that hopefully will not break the game into an unfair mess for a GM or players (I know people whose goal is to have an errata entry because of them)

The Kickstarter to see what it looks like:

Previews and Character Sheets:

I will attempt to get ahold of the base PureSteam PDF somehow, the Westbound that I am getting is an additional campaign setting.

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