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Here is a great short guide that explains how to get started with your first deck in Spellstone.

F2P Tier List and Player Guide - Before you ask for Deck/Upgrade/Dust Help look here discussion on Kongregate
Written by: Lemonprice

(Copied here for easy of reference)

Quick Guide

Follow this to make your play experience fun you can 7star map 1 and 2 in about a week if you do.

1. Pick the Fire Girl she gives you better starter cards.
2. Join a guild ASAP for bonus 50% gold.
3. Early investing compare Quad Common/Duo Rare/Single Epic/Half Legend.
4. Utilize event faction cards with low investment like only 1 or 2 upgrades.
5. Midgame Ursurio 5-6 1 drop Wyld and support bolt cards.
6. Don’t be afraid to leave cards at dual, no need to rush quads. Look at total deck investment costs.
7. Focus on 1star as far as you can until you lose then go back and increase beginning map stars.
8. Very fast to build a good deck if you invest smart and clear for map 1 and 2: 5-7 stars
9. If you find yourself with 100 crystal buy the epic pack it’s the most cost effective use of it currently.
10. Be careful of vaping epics and legendaries so far Devs have said they want to keep fusions to only 4 of the same but who knows if they change this like in Tyrant.

Standard Tier List

Tier list is made in a vacuum comparing card in their own rarity and dust viability (so not all cards are listed if not dust worthy) except for legendary and promo cards. B tier are basically honorable mentions and ideally you only want to be invest in S or higher.

Common Cards - Quad 140

Useable Tier

Enraged+Soul Wisp – if you can’t make the others
Moss/Ancient Golem – best offensive card due to Ursurio
Flame/Blazen Spirit – best support card due to bolt

Anything is technically playable because you can dust back the full investment but these three 1 drops are superior to all the others outside of event buff situations.

Rare Cards - Duo 150, Quad 350

Usable Tier

Molten/Smelted Skeleton – why is this card so good?
Duoshot+Ranger – human bro
Frog Scout/Outrunner – frog bro

When midgame happens the ideal deck build is some form of Ursurio Rush utilizing 1 drop greens like Frog Scout, Ranger, and even Moss Golem to hit hard early to dominate the board then support with bolt cards. Anything outside of these 3 rare’s just aren’t worth the dust investment.

Epic Cards - Single 125, Duo 375, Quad 875

S Tier

Lightbound/Lightguard Archer – wanna save on dust and slots keep it dual
Heroic Frog=Ribbit Wayfarer – 1 drop freeze
Chaos Storm/Tempest – 1 drop bolt 5
Fallen/Bedlam Angel – needs to be upgraded to quad for Hex 3
Elementalist=Master of Elements – if you have all elements aka Chaos Storm

A Tier

Molten/Smelted Skeleton – for comparison purposes
Duoshot+Ranger – for comparison purposes
Frog Scout/Outrunner – for comparison purposes
Rock/Mountain Titan – Wyld Defense
Radiant+Paladin – Aether Defense
Castlerock|Griffin|Knight – Aether Defense

The reason why we see so little defensive cards is because there is no need in the current meta until guild wars are established for defensive cards so be careful with vaping.

Legendary Cards - Single 275, Duo 825, Quas 1925

S++ Tier

Avenging/Vindication Angel – 16 dmg burst every 3 with Vengeance 5

A Tier

Blazekin/Blazerage Dragon – the only playable 3 drop Bolt all 3

B Tier

Rhythm/Heart of the Wyld – if all Wyld
Blood/Sanguine Demon – no skill cohesion, still good

C Tier

Storm+cleaver Dragon – if all Aether and the right support
Life/Essence Dragon – if all Wyld and the right support

It is very disproportionate the amount of free legendaries to paid ones. I think Angel might be the only worthwhile investment unless your full of dust.

Promo Rare Cards

S+ Tier

Lantern/Lumin Guardian – that nice mix of abilities

S Tier

Dragon Tamer/Master – if all Dragons but I don’t see how you can yet

A Tier

Sailing/Blazing Drake
Silver Wind+Soul – if all Elemental

B Tier

Shadow of |Ash| Bringer – if all Elemental
Frogling Army – requires all chaos
Frog Warmage – requires all frog

C Tier
Sapling=Spector of Sap – if all Elemental
Poliworg Barrage – requires all frog
Dunetooth Demon/Rex
Wasteland Nomad/Warrior
Lavatail/Obsidiantail Dragon
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