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Should we have a second (Q&A) round for this event?

  • No, just have the initial (blind) round.

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  • Yes, let's have two rounds.

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  • This event idea sucks; don't do it at all.

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  • I'm confused -- explain this better! o.O

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Aug 23, 2019




During our normally-scheduled game night on 4/1 (5 pm PST / 8 pm EST), we will have a special April Fool's Day event!

The goal of this event will be to fool your FC-mates as to who you are, and to figure out who they are.

Prior to the start time, all participants should take some time altering their character appearance. It's up to you how far you go -- you can use Fantasia if you want to, but it's not required. You can just use the Aesthetician to change your hair and makeup, and then alter your clothing. The goal is to look as different as possible from how you usually appear.

When the start time rolls around, turn off character name display in your settings and report to the FC house. Each participant will be assigned a number. Your goal will be to correctly identify the company members by number (e.g. "I think number 3 is Diane!").
Checking the in-game FC listing to see who is participating is fair game. Turning on character names or clicking on other characters is not.
We're on the honor system here -- I can't check to see if you do something wrong, so I just ask that no one cheat because it would ruin the point of the game.

Prizes will be given out to both the person who correctly guesses the largest number of other FC members, and to the person who is correctly identified by the fewest of their FC-mates.
Members who are part of Fever but not in the FC are still welcome to participate, so long as you are on the Aether server. If members fitting that characteristic do join, I will inform all participants of their presence (e.g. "Ama is partcipating.").

An example of how this might go -- say you were trying to figure out which character was me. Suppose there were 6 participants -- 4 female, 2 male.
First, you might rule out all of the male avatars, assuming that I would be unlikely to Fantasia into a male character. Now you're down to 4 possibilities.
Second, you might rule out the Roegadyn, figuring that if I was going to Fantasia I'd more likely change into a race I'd want to stay as. Now there's 3.
Third, knowing that I'm currently a lop-eared Viera, you might rule out the up-eared Viera, since I would have to Fantasia to change my ear style. 2 left.
Finally, you'd look at what the remaining two are wearing. One of them is dressed in low-level tank gear (the stuff that looks like a walking trash can), dyed a glaring yellow. You might reasonably assume that wouldn't be me, either (though that one could be a double-bluff -- I could be deliberately wearing something I'd find hideous), and cast your guess that I'm the one remaining character.

I'm considering having two rounds: the blind round, where you try to figure out it solely from appearance and what you know about the player (as described above), and then a second round where you can ask each participant a yes-or-no question (obviously, not about their name or rank or anything else that would be a dead giveaway) to give you a hint. (e.g. "Number 1, do you like Town of Salem?" ; "Number 4, do you usually play a healer?" ; "Number 2, do you want to do MSQ roulette after this?") To keep from having names pop up in chat from asking and answering questions, I would handle all of the Q&A through tells and pass on the responses.

The second round is still a work-in-progress; please answer the poll regarding whether or not you would like to have a Q&A round. Thanks!
You've got a whole month to plan how to best fool your friends... :D

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