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Season 23 - Event- Special Treat - Keep it Trashy - # Bounty Style # - 29 May 2021 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM PST (1 Viewer)

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First Ever Event of this type.. so come be part of the plank owners.

Where are normal keep it trashy event stops this one begins.

Bounty Only items can be worn - so some slots will be empty to test test test to find the right builds.

4 Man groups.

LOD gem is not allowed, all other gems are allowed, so you'll have to use your creative talents to come up with builds that you can complete some GRs with.

CUBE slots can only be occupied by Bounty Item Only also.

NOTICE below is brought to you by the Letters so to give credit where credit is due.

So as it mentions above only the below bounty only items can be worn.

so for example a DH my have a chest and one handed bow, but will not have a quiver as none is available for a bounty reward.

Put your thinking caps on for this event.

Bounty Item Rewards

Act 1

Act 1 Bounty Material is Khanduran Rune. Act 1 items are themed around Leoric, the Skeleton King.

Mad Monarch's ScepterUseless
Ring of Royal GrandeurCore item in many builds. Due to its poor guaranteed rolls, it's almost never equipped, so you only need one to extract its legendary power.
Pauldrons of the Skeleton KingSometimes finds home in Legacy of Dreams builds,
when there's nothing better available.
Golden Gorget of Leoric Useless
Sanguinary VambracesUseless
Act 2

Act 2 Bounty Material is Caldeum Nightshade. Act 2 items are fancy looking items with green and purple color scheme.

Coven's CriterionCan be useful as a defensive item in high Block Chance builds, but typically outclassed by other options.
Gloves of WorshipSometimes used in T16 builds and also in support builds that utilize Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander.
Cloak of DeceptionUseless
Illusory BootsUsed in a number of builds, most often support or Legacy of Dreams builds.
Act 3

Act 3 Bounty Material is Arreat War Tapestry. Act 3 items are "desert-camo" type items with snake ornaments, named after seven deadly sins.

Burst of WrathUseless
Boots of DisregardUseless
Pride's FallUsed in some T16 and Bounty builds, as well as some DPS builds that rely on shields.
Envious BladeHas potential to be used in one-shot type T16 builds. Currently useless.
Avarice BandMust have item for any T16 build.
Insatiable BeltUseless
Overwhelming DesireCan be used in support builds or on the Follower, but legendary effect is limited to 1 target at a time and doesn't affect Rift Guardians.
Act 4

Act 4 Bounty Material is Corrupted Angel Flesh. Act 4 doesn't have any specific items and instead it can gives you random items from any other Acts.

Act 5

Act 5 Bounty Material is Westmarch Holy Water. Act 5 items are spooky Malthael-themed items with skulls on them.

Death's BargainUseless
HelltrapperHas potential as one of the strongest on-hit effects in the game. Currently useless.
Salvation Useless
Pandemonium LoopSometimes used for 15% Chance to Fear on Hit in builds with Rechel's Ring of Larceny.
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