Season 18 ENDS 11/10/2019 @ 5pm PST


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Aug 16, 2019
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Season 18 ENDS 11/10/2019 @ 5pm PST

Season 18 ending and if it goes the same way as last two seasons. The new patch will be out tuesday or wednesday and Season 19 should start Friday the 15th of November.

Season of Pandemonium...

The season of the Barb!!!!

Will post patch notes when they're released.

Get ready for Season 19 levelling event!
I hope they go back to waiting 2 weeks. Otherwise I'll be laying on a beach with a drink in hand instead of leveling with all of you. I guess the upside to that is the power level I might get when I get back. I just liked having more time to clean my stash and maybe play some of the non-season toons


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Jan 26, 2018
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bdoggg I'm hoping for the 22nd as the 16th I go to another football game in Ames.. could be fun not getting to sleep before 3:00 am if the start date is the 15th and then have a 8 hour round trip and a 3 plus hour game to watch. Of course last season started and I drove 3 hours to run a marathon then drive 3 hours back and the marathon was in the rain. so about the same if it drops on the 15th, but really looking forward to S19 with new sets for Monk/Cruz and the items and changes for the barb.


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Dec 11, 2015
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I had it in my head the season was ending on Nov 11. I had a GR 100 solo, but needed a 101 or 102 to get on that leaderboard. ah well.
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