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Oct 23, 2017
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Kinda funny, I was right about Season of Nightmares being S17 theme. Lots of community requests are being fulfilled. Only thing I wished I would have seen is more Legendary Item changes as some classes did not get any legendary changes for LoN Season.

Looks like Wizard is finally getting viable 100-110 speed build. Captain America Crusader is going to be nice.

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Looks awesome - Necromancer will be operating in Super OP mode again now that we can use all our rings.


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May 2, 2016
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Liked the the 'Portals left behind by Treasure Goblins may occasionally lead somewhere udderly ridiculous'. Gee I wonder where that might lead to.... If only a primal Bovine Bardiche would open up a rift for a Primal Pasture of Panic or something. All the loot and same amount of halberd wielding cows, but all at boss level toughness. It'd be a 4 man group run, sure, but the xp alone, along with the laughs, would be worth it I think.

Additional levels of torment should be nice too. Looking forward to season 17. No idea which class yet, but am going to be back for sure.

One thing I'd like them to consider also is pet( non combat type) looting options. Picking up gold is nice, yeah, early on. Later in the season it's not much of a concern( gold runs, for me, have a huge gold pick up range) and I'd prefer to have my pet running around picking up Deaths Breath or some other mat. Maybe have certain pets geared for specific looting, some for gold, some for DBs, some for white, blue, and yellow mats( mats, not weapons or armour).

Admittedly the paragraph above this one is, perhaps, nit picky about looting. I'm thinking about saving my mouse buttons, yeah, that's it, I'll go with that. A minor change, I think, but I don't program and have no idea what long term affect it would have overall. Be nice though, I think.

Good hunting and speedy rifts,

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