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May 2, 2016
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Season 14 will be ending soon. as for the goals I've set for it they are completed or surpassed. Paragon 1000 was visited and quickly left to meet up with P1200. Used only the Marauder set for Greater Rifts, reaching yesterday a completed GR93. Still aiming for 95, but we'll see if I can get there in time left. I've still stash tabs and space left. Will be melting some of what's left prior to the end of season mailing. Except for those days with my sister and I playing D3, DH was only class used.
Overall, I had fun this season. Goblin twins were nice, but I didn't come across a single pair of menagerists. They had nothing for me, but thought it strange nonetheless. Kadala, as always for me, was her usual 'have fun with the legendary's you can't use.' Primal ancients were more numerous this time, but only 1 piece for Mara. Got five pieces for Natalya's, three pieces for UE ( 6 actually, but 4 were Fiendish Grips ). Not sure I'll use the Mara set again, those pets did everything, or went everywhere, I didn't need them to be. If there was a peon with 10hps left on it and 6kms away, or the rift boss right in front of me, guess which one they attacked. Right, the wimpy peon so far behind me it had its own postal code. Trying to keep distance for max damage for a gem benefit was difficult. Not getting away from the monsters, but continually ( it seemed ) having elites and such with teleport or vortex ( I think it's called ) made it frustrating at times. On that note, using Focus/Restraint over the Compass/Pledge came in handy there. One high point for me was not being licked to death by tongue lashers. Admittedly it's funny to die that way but it's nice to break a streak of that nature.

Good hunting and Speedy rifts,

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