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Apr 29, 2013




Sea of Thieves has been a wonderful experience for the Shack staff and many players around the world since its launch three weeks ago, but there's been a lot of mystery around how the game will evolve over time. Today, Rare has revealed a roadmap for Sea of Thieves and shared a few details on how additional content will be crafted and released.
Ultimately, the team behind Sea of Thieves expressed on their blog that they are focusing on the following elements when it comes to additional content for the game:

  • Bringing players together in interesting ways, encouraging different types of player encounters
  • Enriching the world that players adventure in
  • Giving players new ways to play
  • Giving players a variety of goals and rewards
  • Broadening the journey to Pirate Legend and beyond
The additional content will come via weekly events, the first of which goes live in May and is called The Hungering Deep. With The Hungering Deep comes a new AI threat to the world of Sea of Thieves, taking solo players and crews with working together to discover and defeat whatever this new danger. New mechanics and unique rewards will also be featured when The Hungering Deep launches. The event will also serve as the springboard for weekly events during the month of May. Each event will feature new mechanics and rewards.

During the Summer, the Cursed Sails event will welcome a new ship type and Forsaken Shores will open up the Sea of Thieves to a new world for players to explore. Both updates will feature new gameplay mechanics, AI threats, and rewards. In the trailer, skeleton thrones are also teased but there's no set date for when they will be added to Sea of Thieves. A message toward the end of the blog post gives a sneak peek into additional plans, including pets:
"With Sea of Thieves being a game that grows and evolves, we'll be listening to you, our community, throughout. As such, we'll always be looking at whether our current plans are meeting your needs. Based on feedback since launch, we have changed the priorities for both Pets and Ship Captaincy which we had previously announced as things we would look to add in the few months after launch. These are on the back burner for now whilst we add to the game in other areas. Expect our plans to continue to be fluid, but always with the goals listed above as our guiding principles."
Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates on Sea of Thieves. Don't forget to bookmark our Sea of Thieves Guide and Walkthrough so you can always be prepared for the rough seas!


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