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Jul 20, 2022




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Rocket League Codes provide players with free items and content. Here's a list of Rocket League Promo Codes in August 2022, the items that you can unlock with them and a tutorial to do so in Psyonix vehicular soccer video game.
There are many free promo codes available in Rocket League, providing players with the ability to claim free Rocket League items day in and day out. It's honestly an absolute treat, as we collect all the Rocket League Codes that we can, just to redeem the various free items and free cosmetics.
Whether you redeem Rocket League codes to unlock some fabulous rocket boosts, that brilliant Shazam Limited Decal and Wheels, the Moai Antenna, or just a couple of puny Goal Explosions, we're here to help. Let's be real: most Rocket League Items require an insane amount of credits, or for you to pick them up via the Rocket Pass each and every season. Thus, it's a breath of fresh air to redeem some Rocket League Codes and land yourself some delicious, free items.
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Working & Active Rocket League Codes in August 2022
Below are a list of currently working and active Rocket League codes. As of writing, there are very few codes available in Rocket League, but we will update this list as more become available.
Code Item / Reward Region
Popcorn Limited Popcorn Rocket Boost Worldwide

Expired & Not Working Rocket League Codes
The below Rocket League Codes are all expired, and will not currently work when put into the game. That being said, we can probably expect the return of the WWE Banners, considering that they have popped up so many times over the years.
Code Item / Reward
rlnitro Breakout: Nitro Circus Decal & Antenna
Bekind VCR Limited Topper
couchpotato Couch Potato Limited Player Title
rlbirthday WWE Banners (x2), Wheels, & Antennas
SARPBC SARPBC Logo, Song, Car, and Moai Antenna
shazam Octane: Shazam Limited Decal & Shazam Limited Wheels
Truffleshuffle Octane: The Goonies Limited Decal
wrestlemania WWE Banners (x2), Wheels, & Antennas
WWE18 WWE Banners (x2), Wheels, & Antennas
wwedads WWE Banners (x2), Wheels, & Antennas

How to Redeem Rocket League Promo Codes
To redeem codes, you will first want to load Rocket League and head on-over to the options menu. From here, you need to click on "Extras" and select "Redeem Code".
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Once you have redeemed a promo code in Rocket League, you can continue to redeem more Rocket League Cosmetic Items as there is no cool-down timer. Now, you need to head over to your Rocket League Garage to equip said items onto your favourite Battle Car.
Honestly, there are a ton of great promo codes to redeem here, unlocking various great Rocket League Items and cosmetics. From the various rounds of 2 WWE Banners, to the Nitro Circus Decal, to the various decals and other rewards, this is one of the best ways to show off your prowess at Rocket League.

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