Reviving Dauntless


May 29, 2016
Hey all! I've been talking to various people about the possibility of reviving our Dauntless section. I'm posting here to see how many members would be interested in having a Fever branch to play with. I'm not dramatically far into the game myself and have no problem going back and helping new players catch up a bit. If you would be interested please leave a reply here, or message me on discord!

Edit: Should add that my epic name is the same as my Fever name if you want to add me in game.


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Apr 6, 2013
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Of the Army
Will be playing again soon. Would love to hop in with everyone.


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Dec 6, 2016
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Even though Im not a member of Fever anyomore I still play Dauntless and will be on on Friday with my Cousin so if anyone wants to play ill be more than happy to play ill even invie my cousin to join our party hes on xbox and has mic so he will hear us in game my Epic is Sir-Dome if anyone wants to add me
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