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  • Players can gain Double Rewards (RDO$, XP) in the following this week:
    Call to Arms

  • Players can gain Double RDO$ in the following this week:
    Free Roam Missions

  • Login at any time this week to obtain the following gifts:
    Special Snake Oils (x3)
    Potent Bitters (x3)

  • Players can also claim the following when purchasing a Weapon Modification this week:
    Buckshot Incendiary Shotgun Shells (x25)
    Express Revolver Ammo (x200)

  • Players can also obtain more Capitale when looting dead enemies in the following:
    Gang Hideouts
    Blood Money Crimes
    Free Roam Missions

  • Claim discounts on the following this week:
    Bounty Hunter License (5 Gold Bars Off)
    Spurs (50% off)
    Stirrups (40% off)
    Ammo (40% off)
    Breton Horses (40% off)
    Role Pamphlets (30% off)

  • The following Outlaw Pass items have returned:
    The Zapatero Outfit (Javier Escuella’s outfit)
    Bandit Mask
    Blue Enamel Inlay Material

  • The Quick Draw Club No. 3 is now available for purchase. Players who progress through The Quick Draw Club No. 3 can unlock the following:
    Layham Jacket
    Knife Variant
    25 Gold Bars
    The Halloween Pass 2 (Free - Reward, must purchase all four Quick Draw Club installments)

  • The following bonuses can be claimed by owners of both the Quick Draw Club No. 1 and No. 2 who purchase Quick Draw Club No. 3 this week:
    Capitale (x25 - Reward)
    Fast Travel Rewards (x10)

  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to Prime Gaming can obtain the following through Sept. 28:
    Vitalism Studies Pamphlet (Free)
    Established/Distinguished Naturalist Role Item (50% Off - Offer)

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