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  • Players can gain Double RDO$ in the select Crimes this week, including:
    Stagecoach Stickup
    A Lit Fuse
    Wrongful Property
    Back Pay

  • Players can also claim the following when completing any of the above listed Crimes:
    Select Boots (50% Off - Offer)

  • Players can also score Double Ability Card XP in the following:
    Crimes and Opportunities

  • Login at any time this week to obtain the following gifts:
    Express Repeater Ammo (x100)
    Rifle Ammo (x100)
    Revolver Ammo (x100)
    Treasure Map (Players Rank 100+)

  • Claim discounts on the following this week:
    Saddles (50% Off)
    Beards (50% Off)
    Barber Accessories (50% Off)
    Tents (40% Off)
    Work Horses (30% Off)
    Single Bandoliers (30% Off)
    Gloves (30% Off)
    Chaps (30% Off)
    Half Chaps (30% Off)

  • Quick Draw Club No. 2 is still available (until Sept. 7), with bonuses that include 25 Gold Bars (recouping its full cost), and purchasing all four installments of Quick Draw Club will award players a Reward to claim the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free.

  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to Prime Gaming can obtain the following through Sept. 28:
    Vitalism Studies Pamphlet (Free)
    Established/Distinguished Naturalist Role Item (50% Off - Offer)

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