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Jul 17, 2019





  • The following Legendary Animal Sighting Mission has been added to Red Dead Online:
    Ruddy Moose
  • The Ruddy Moose can be found in Tall Trees, and the sighting mission can be picked up by visiting Harriet.
  • Players who sedate and sample or kill the beast will receive the following:
    Free Off-Hand Holster (Rank 70 or below)
  • Gus is also giving offering 50% extra payouts for the following:
    Bear Pelts
  • Turning the animal hide in to Gus will unlock a new custom coat and cowl for purchase.
  • Players who login to Red Dead Online this week will obtain the following:
    5 Blending Tonics (Reward)
    50 Nitro Express Ammo (Reward)
  • This week’s featured series is Shootouts, which includes the following new locations:
    Bolger Glade
    Saint Denis
    The Manor
  • Players can obtain the following Discounts, Bonuses, Offers, & Rewards this week:
    Baits (50% off)
    Shotguns (40% off)
    Elephant Rifle (40% off)
  • The third Outlaw Pass is ending soon (October 19), and all pass holders will obtain the following this week:
    Special Health Cures (10)
    Lost Jewelry (5)
    Sedative Ammo (200)
    Griffith Chaps (Unique colorway - Rank 50 required)
    Caffyns Hat (Unique colorway - Rank 50 required)
  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to Prime Gaming and claimed their benefits can obtain the following, free of charge:
    The Katata Coat (after delivering the Legendary Katata Elk hide to Gus)
    Free Legendary Animal Pheromones (x5)
    6,000 Naturalist XP
    Free Wilderness Camp
  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to Prime Gaming can obtain the following through Oct. 19., free of charge:
    Free Bar Theme
    Free Outfit / Accessory / Emote
    6,000 Club XP
    Gin (x10)
    Brandy (x10)
    Rum (x10)
    Baked Beans (x10)
    Jolly Jack’s (x10)

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