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Oct 13, 2016
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Goblin farming guide

~Festering woods~
~Leorics Passage~
~leorics Hunting Grounds~
~The Festering Woods~

~ Southern Highlands ~
Cave of the moon clan
Floor 1 and floor 2
~ Northern Highlands ~

~ The Royal Crypts ~
~ Ancient Waterway ~
Western and Eastern channels

~Howling Plateau ~
~The Bridge of Korsikk ~
Icefall caves
Floor 1 and floor 2

~ Rakkis Crossing ~

~The Core of Arreat~
~Gardens of Hope 1st Tier~

~Pandemonium Fortress~
Level 1 only

-I did not click chest
-I did not spend time gambling shards
-I did not stop to kill anything
-I did not double back for legs that dropped
-I only went to town to repair. I did break gear in T3
-it doesn't matter what Torment your in when farming
-Magic Find has nothing to do with with rainbow goblins

I always play with no game sound however, you can hear goblins from a fair distance, to do this
-Master volume at your comfort level
-Effects up(goblin laugh)
-voice 0
-ambient minimal
-music 0

Pandemonium fortress level 1 always has either 2 or 0 goblins, and I did find several rainbow goblins there.

The majority of rainbow goblins were in cave of the moon clan 1 and 2.

I joined the community, Rainbow Goblin Hunt, which helped out alot

I hope this helps someone get their wings, It was a lot of disappointment not finding Princess Lillian in a portal but also glad it is an actual farm grind.
Nothing else in the game is a farm, everything else is dropped in our laps, aside from perfect pieces. I hope it stays this way.

I did acquire falcon wings,and all the pets farming rainbow goblins.

Good Luck!


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Jul 25, 2016
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Pandemonium Fortress level 2 also has 2 or 0 goblins, I usually hit it in my route

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