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Hi folks,

Anyone who plays PUBG knows that there has been a serious problem with hackers/cheaters. Between BattlEye and general moderators/administrators, over 320 000 accounts have been banned as of last month. Even with all of these bans, there is still a problem with them in-game. We all know that reporting someone through the in-game system is pretty much useless as the information is only gathered for statistical purposes.

The very BEST way to report a player is through the official PUBG forums HERE. It only takes a minute to register on their forums, and another minute to report the player. The only thing is that you need to submit video proof or a screenshot along with the report. Since video is the best option to accurately show the culprit in action, you will need to ensure that you have a program installed to record your gameplay. For NVidia users, I suggest GeForce Experience as you can set up a hot key to record the last 0.25 - 20 minutes of gameplay (I personally have it set up to record the last 4 minutes, but to each its own). You can use others video recording programs such as OBS, Filmora, Dxtory, Action, Fraps, D3DGear, etc.

In addition, you will need to upload the video to Twitch, YouTube, or a similar platform.

Here is the the information required when reporting a player:


In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):
(Name of the player(s) you suspect of cheating)

Evidence of offense:
(Please provide any and all applicable information related to the offense as possible, including screenshots and videos. Videos are preferable and need to be posted via an external video streaming link through Twitch, Youtube, or similar platform, showing evidence of the rules of conduct violation. Please be sure to include a time-stamp of what stage in the video the offense occurs, if it is a long video)

Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:
(At what time and on what date did you suspect this user was cheating, please include the timezones)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or reply in this thread.

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