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Sep 4, 2016
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Hello My Fellow D3 Comrades,

As I was planning a possible event for this upcoming Saturday, I thought it would only be appropriate to hear what you all as the players would like to do. Wednesday is slotted for a Gem Leveling Event (GRs) so we could do a split bounty event on Saturday to kind of break up things or we could do another GR event. I guess what I am really trying to ask is during Season 9 would you like to do a similar set up to the one we ran last season? Where we alternate GR events and the Bounties/Goblin Hunting events? Or would you prefer something else? Really just looking for suggestions and no one has a wrong opinion here. Obviously this would be more geared toward the NA population as that is what I and Em fall into...but we are working on establishing a European time slotted event.

Personally I think doing the two different events would be best, since it provides variety, at least for a couple weeks. What we could do is alternate the days the GRs/Bounties are run on.... EX:

Week 1:

Tuesday- GR Event
Saturday- Bounty Event

Week 2:

Wednesday- Bounty Event
Saturday- GR Event


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Nov 9, 2015
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Alternating sounds good :) Unfortunately the only ones I would be able to make at this point would be the Saturday events. But I will be happy with anything that happens that day :)


Tuesdays are best for afternoon after 6 or 7 pm eastern.

However, bounty events get boring after the 6th or 7th run. Need something to kind of make it more exciting. Maybe some clan prizes on which group runs the most in a certain time frame (obviously make the group paragon levels be somewhat close average wise). Goblin runs are a great idea, especially with the increase spawn rate a lot of us have been seeing.


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Nov 21, 2016
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First Sergeant
Running Bounties and Focusing on Leveling both Gems and Paragon can get tedious, especially Bounties.

That being said, Bounties are the one thing in the game EVERYONE hates, yet we have to do them.

Leveling up Gems can be done without having to focus on them just by running GR's.

I'd suggest looking at having a Key Farming/Death Breath event at least in the rotation if not every other Event. This way it helps make use of the Bounties we've collected and the Keys open up running GR's for pushes or even just solo runs.

I'm not against a Gem Leveling event, but if we have Key Farming and DB Farming as an event then we can craft more from our Bounties and everyone would have more keys to do solo pushes or 2/3/4 man pushes whenever they wanted to login.

If the Gem leveling events are a big draw then throw it in a rotation as such.

Saturday: Bounties
Tuesday: Keys
Saturday: Gems
Tuesday: Bounties
Saturday: Keys
Tuesday: Gems

If you run the Events in this order you run a solid path. Gather Bounties -> Get Keys and DBs -> Run GR's

Just my two cents.


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Oct 26, 2015
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Sergeant Major

Of the Army
I'll agree with KailJoric about adding in the keys. As far as gems, I kind of rely on others to help level gems above what I can normally do. My best ever grift is 75, and that was from an absolutely lucky gifted run. It's harder for some to level them gems up...I think that might need to be later in the season though.

But keys...definitely keys.


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Nov 19, 2015
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Sergeant Major
Variety is always good. Schedule is the problem for me. I can usually do nights on EST, but a lot of the events are too early for me.


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Feb 25, 2016
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I kind of agree with KailJoric, farming for keys and DB. Then if we mix up with Split Bounties and Gem Levelling we'll have a nice mix and people will not get bored with the same events. The events are fun and I look forward to them each Saturday as long as the Saturday one are timed for us in Europe. Thanks.
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