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Aug 25, 2016
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Heya everyone, thought I would make a post here for all the things that are going on (rumored/confirmed) with the pro League scene. I plan on keeping this updated as well, and if you think I am missing something, let me know either in TS or on here.

Former Renegades bought by Jonas Jerebko(Confirmed): According to ESPN, Jonas Jerebko of the Boston Celtics has just acquired 100% of the former Renegades brand from Montecristo. Former CoD team Ground Zero, who before were Dream Team, will be competing under Renegades in the Call of Duty World Championship starting in September. Jerebko plans to put teams in Overwatch, Halo, and once again, League of Legends. The sum at which he bought Renegades for has not been disclosed to the public. You can read more about it here. (Renegades revived under Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko)

Fabby leaves Team Liquid(Confirmed): Based on his twitter, he put out a tweet stating his free agency ( Fabby filled in for Team Liquid when Piglet decided to step down from the main ADC position before heading over to the Challenger squad.

Dardoch set to leave Team Liquid, heading to Echo Fox(Confirmed): According to ESPN, Dardoch will not be playing for Liquid in the gauntlet, but instead it will be Arcsecond, the mid-lane substitute. The article further states that this is because he will be going to Echo Fox, replacing Hard and Kez. This may well be related to Dardoch's suspension earlier in the year due to his bad behavior, along with the coaches not being a fan of him either, for reason such as "wasting time during scrims" and "getting hot-headed with everyone", so should this be the case, it is no surprise they got rid of him. You can read more about it here. (

Tencent to take over the LCS (Rumor): This pertains to Tryndameregate, which is recent drama that went on between Reginald of TSM and Tryndamere of Riot. If you haven't read up on in, here is a thread by a fellow member discussing the drama. ( Tencent, who owns Riot Games, is now desiring to take over the LCS due to Riot's inability to monetize it, so that they try and make it better. Richard Lewis, who made a video on the situation, stated the following. "Tencent's motivation could also in part stem from the fact that Alibaba, another massive Chinese e-commerce company, has entered the e-sports sphere by reviving the World Cyber Games with a prize pool of 5.5million which includes all major e-sports title outside of LoL, and having injected over 149million USD into e-sports, which could change the current landscape of e-sports, especially vis--vis China" If Tencent does actually make a move on the LCS, this would be really big stuff, but everything is just speculation at the moment.

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Season 7 drama already? damm keeps coming sooner every season

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