Photo: Post Retro Pics of Yourself, Before and After

This Thread is for showing what you used to look like in comparison to how you look now, enjoy ~Booyah

The 3 posts Below were Copied from the Infamous Phoenix Thread

Sooo I found an old pic of Pheonix that you all would enjoy.



No worries Pheonix -- we all have our shame. I'll take a little heat off you for a few seconds...


Running carts in the rain at one of my first jobs

(like those busted buck teeth? You guys never knew that I had hair at one time, did you?)


Trying to look cool at my parent's house

(I was about 20 here. Yes that's a turtleneck, yes I was the only Royals fan in the state of WA, and yes I'm closing my mouth to cover my buck teeth -- lol)


I was about 21 here

(that's me on the left. Yes, you could slip a size 10 men's wedding ring around my skinny ankles. Yes, I'm trying to look tough for a girl who had zero interest in me, and no -- that is not a wig)

And YES -- these pictures are all SCANNED, as they didn't have digital media back when I was a kid.


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Feb 2, 2012
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Going with the theme, Here's mine.

From youngest to nowadays.

I'm on the left

Old AYSO Days

Sophmore HS Year

Sophmore year again

Graduating College with my Brother and Old friend

The day of my wedding, I had a Fever of 102

Nowadays, with my wife.
[MENTION=130]Agent38ddd[/MENTION] all setup bud


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Dec 26, 2011
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Young me:


Yeah thats me being a hipster fuck I don't know what was wrong with me back then haha

Senior Year 2011:

This last year 2011-12:

Sorry about all the colored picturs, but I was a swimmer in highschool/college so there arent many normal photos.
Also I have RBS (Resting bitchface Syndrome) so I don't smile a lot.


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Jun 23, 2012

Yup. I used to shred Nile tunes with my friend Jamie Murray, and played both guitar and drums. I was a frequent windmiller.

Now I've done a complete 180 and you can typically find me at house parties DJing Tribal Techno, Jungle Drum and Bass, and ravebreaks. And up until a month ago, I was that guy at the bank punching numbers into a computer program and telling people their credit was too shitty for a loan of $10 million.

this was taken July 2011. And I know I look like trailer trash in the top row. I'm not >.<


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Jan 19, 2012
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Oh boy... why did I stumble upon this.......

Me at about 3 years old.


Me and my Daddy.... waaaay back in the 80s, maybe 88 or 89 in this picture.


Me posing with the snake king at a circus that came to town.


Me when I was 16.


One of my favorite engagement photos.


Showing the weight I've lost in the past year. The picture on the right is of me last Christmas. On the right, this May.



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Aug 11, 2009
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Who the hell made this thread and those posts because it sure wasn't me!

But since I'm here might as well post some.


Pretty much my face every time I hear doom talk and I realize how the human race is going to die out.


7th grade dance of some sort, bitches be jealous of my outfit.


Pretty sure it was the first pic I put up on the forums.


I think my most recent pic.
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