Pets, Skeleton Thrones, A New Ship Teased In Sea of Thieves Roadmap (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013




The Sea of Thieves content roadmap was revealed today and, starting in May, players will be getting new weekly events that feature new AI dangers, rewards, and gameplay mechanics to regularly freshen up the seafaring adventure. The Hungering Deep and a couple other events are set in stone for this year, but ideas like pets and a skeleton thrones are in the mix as well.
Pets and Ship Captaincy are things Rare is reprioritizing due to community feedback, sadly moving them to the back burner as other things are added to the game. Those more embedded in the Sea of Thieves forums are privy to these conversations, but others are possibly just now learning about these plans. The Shack crew has regularly conversed about the potential for pets, even mentioning parrots during our PAX East 2018 streams, but we all will have to wait a bit longer for more information.

The developers are teasing a couple other additions to the Sea of Thieves formula as well, even mentioning bringing the underwater spaces into play a bit more. Variants on the resources you gather, like cursed cannonballs, are being discussed. Skeleton thrones places in tough to reach places where you can "take a selfie," which is something players can't technically do, was also discussed in the roadmap video.
A new upcoming ship seems set in stone for Cursed Sails, but the details are limited. Crew size isn't revealed, but my guess is that it will be a new ship for three-man crews as opposed to having an even larger ship for more players. The developers have stated regularly that one to four player crews is what worked best for the map and servers, so breaking that isn't likely.
Regular patches have been coming out since launch, including the 1.0.3 patch the changed up aiming sensitivity for PC players and rebalanced weapons. These patches are how the developers will tool away at the foundation for Sea of Thieves but, starting in May, new content updates will start changing the experience for players in more exciting ways. Read up on the roadmap to learn exactly how things get going with The Hungering Deep and bookmark our Sea of Thieves Guide & Walkthrough as well. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more.


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