Path of Fire Expansion


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Aug 5, 2016
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Lt. General
Crystal Desert
New region, with five larger-than-ever open world maps: Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, The Desolation, and Domain of Vabbi.

New personal storyline, which takes place after Living World Season 3


Five new mounts as part of the mastery system. They are available for use across all of Tyria, not just within the Crystal Desert (including guild halls, but not instances anterior to PoF).[4]

The Raptor — A hardy saurian, capable of leaping horizontally across long distances.
The Springer — A large jerboa-like creature, capable of jumping vertically to great heights.
The Skimmer — A floating manta ray-like creature, capable of hovering above water and environmental hazards.
The Jackal — An elemental canine, capable of blinking across short distances and of making precision jumps.
The Griffon — A cat-bodied bird, capable of gliding across the sky with great speed.

Elite specializations

Nine new elite specializations, one for every profession.

Guardian:Firebrand (axe, tomes replacing virtues, mantras)
Revenant: Renegade (short bow, citadel orders, Kalla Scorchrazor and her legendary renegades)
Warrior: Spellbreaker (dagger, full counter, meditations)
Engineer: Holosmith (sword, photon forge replacing F5 toolbelt skill, exceed skills)
Ranger: Soulbeast (dagger mainhand, become one with your pet through beastmode, stances)
Thief: Deadeye (rifle, deadeye's mark replacing steal, cantrips)
Elementalist: Weaver (sword, attune to two elements simultaneously, stances)
Mesmer: Mirage (axe, replaces dodge with a mirage cloak that allows you to ambush foes, deceptions)
Necromancer: Scourge (torch, shades replacing death shroud, punishments)

Other features

New Guild hall — Windswept Haven
New decorations
New Adventures — Refugee Supply Run, Crystal Oasis Griffon Expert, Crystal Oasis Griffon Master, Cavalier Express Parcel Run, Highlands Griffon Expert, Highlands Griffon Master, Skimshallow Cove Supply Run, Riverlands Griffon Expert, Riverlands Griffon Master, Shadows Intel, Desolation Griffon Expert, Desolation Griffon Master, Garden Wine and Cheese Run, Vehjin Noble Necessities Run, Necropolis Embalming Supply Run, Vehtendi School Supply Run, Vabbian Griffon Expert, Vabbian Griffon Master
New Armor sets (at launch) — Bounty Hunter's armor, Elonian armor, Funerary armor, Spearmarshal's armor, Warbeast armor
New Weapon sets (at launch) — Awakened weapons, Elonian weapons, Mordant weapons, Sunspear weapons, Funerary weapons, Forged weapons, Dwarven weapons
Bounties — Tasks related to defeating various enemies, usually suitable for groups.
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