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Alpha 19.

Alpha 19 Official Release Notes
Linear Color Space Lighting

Alpha 19 has gotten a huge visual upgrade with the switch to Linear Color Space Lighting. We have finally achieved full PBR Physically Based Rendering and all of the art has been adjusted to look better and compatible with it. Normal maps look better, bright lights don’t wash out the scene and so much more. It’s hard to describe why it looks better you’ll have to play it to see for yourself.

The video option to adjust gamma has been changed to brightness, so it works with the new lighting. It also has a more balanced range of darker to lighter adjustment.

Lights now use a priority system, so close lights are updated rapidly to reduce visible jumps in their intensity and range.

Interactive Loading Screen

We added a brand new interactive loading screen with over 20 tool-tips on how to play the game from basic to advanced. The user can cycle back and forth through them and learn how to play the game better while it’s loading. It also looks better with new HD screenshot backgrounds.

Improved Game-pad Support

We have combed through all game-pad functions making sure everything is up to date and working and we also improved defaults like for driving. Additionally we added a new reverse directions for block rotation placement.

New Survival System & Critical Injuries

We gutted the old ISS or interactive survival system that blackened and clamped your health and stamina bars from filling because it was confusing to players. We replaced it with an all new critical system.
All critical injuries that blacken or clamp your max health or stamina will be caused by a new critical buff on the left of the screen. These new critical buffs are clickable, taking the player directly to the player status effect screen where you can read about the problem and its cure.

When you are at full health a zombie can never cause a critical on the first hit so we don’t want to hear about unfair crits! =) Once you take a few hits, or get reckless in close combat the chances increases. Being at low health also increases the chance of receiving a critical. Armor reduces this chance by a flat amount, creating a buffer that enemies must overcome before they can hit you with criticals.
Some criticals are incremental. A sprained arm makes you vulnerable to getting a broken arm.
Some injuries don’t take kindly to being ignored. Sprinting or jumping with a broken leg will not work in your favor. If an injury is affected by an action like that then the buff icon will blink briefly and you will know that something happened.

New and reworked critical injuries include:

  • Abrasions – The most common injury that you get in fights. They cause no additional problems.
  • Sprained or Broken Arm – Lowers your swing speed and decreases your reload speed and weapon handling. The cure for a broken arm is a splint which lowers the time for healing. Power attacks or ranged attacks increase the time needed to heal it.
  • Sprained or Broken Leg – Lowers your mobility and jump height. You can get a sprained or broken leg in a melee fight or when jumping from heights. The cure for a broken leg is a splint which lowers the time for healing. Jumping, falling or sprinting increase the time needed to heal it.
  • Deep Lacerations – Make you more vulnerable to receiving bleeding criticals. They are cured by a first aid kit or sewing kit.
  • Concussion – Taking more hits while being stunned can cause a concussion. It periodically causes a stun effect and is cured by painkillers.
  • Infections – Infection is not something that enemies cause directly. Any critical hit has a chance to cause an infection. An infection is completely harmless until it reaches 5%. At that point it starts getting worse and you need medication to cure it. While you have an infection any hit you take will make it worse.
Food and Water Bars

We’ve added food and water UI bars under the players belt inventory. The blue bar is for your water level and green for is for your food level. You will see them go up and down based on your current hunger and thirst levels.

HD Characters

We have overhauled and re-imagined many of the characters in HD. They may look better but they have less draw calls and are slightly better in performance. New HD zombies include:

  • Zombie Arlene
  • Zombie Darlene
  • Zombie Marlene
  • Zombie Boe
  • Zombie Joe
  • Zombie Moe
  • Zombie Yo
  • Zombie Steve
  • Big Mama Zombie
  • Crawler Zombie
  • Trader Jen
  • Trader Joel
  • Player arms – male and female
Dynamic Music System

TFP have again teamed up with Native Darkness Productions to make the Alpha 19 Dynamic music system more robust while adding a ton of new content and features.

The propriety Dynamic Music System algorithm measures and uses many player-centric conditions such as player location, biome, time of day, inside or outside a location, nearby aggressive enemies, threat level and more to tailor a custom movie like musical experience for the player.

From this Dynamic Music System algorithm the system can play from the following musical groups: Home day music, home night music, exploration, suspense, combat and custom trader music for each trader.

Exploration, suspense and combat are procedurally generated providing a complete musical arrangement from a set of interchangeable loops. As of Alpha 19 there, are 31,558 unique combinations of music.

Music volume, daily allotted probability and On/Off toggles are available in the audio menu.

We are very excited to unveil this system and we hope you enjoy this new addition to the 7 Days soundscape.

Loot Progression/Balance

Loot distribution has been smoothed out so that you do not find end game loot too soon and have no more upgrades to look forward to.

Loot has been balanced to provide a smooth progression from primitive, iron and steel items. This change provides a steady progression for the player and gives some incentive to craft, while slowing the economy a bit early game.

The loot quality for player parties is equivalent to that of the highest level player and perk effects like Lucky Looter are not shared. The only loot advantage is that parties face tougher opponents which have a higher chance to drop loot of better quality.

There are 4 tech levels of items in the game. These start appearing in loot at the following Game-Stage intervals.

  • Tech 0 (GS 1-11) – Primitive tools, weapons and armor including a bow and the blunderbuss.
  • Tech 1 (GS 12) – Iron or similar melee items and armor and and the first proper firearms like a pistol or double barrel shotgun.
  • Tech 2 (GS 50) – The best melee items, bows and armor and mid range firearms like a pump-action shotgun.
  • Tech 3 (GS 91) – The most advanced firearms like an M60 or the Sniper Rifle.

Trader quest rewards scale similar to this system. You won’t immediately get a shotgun for a day one quest.

We will be continuing to to fine tune loot progression in patches. In the future we plan on unifying loot progression, quest loot reward progression and trader for sale item progression more unified.

Enemy Progression/Balance

Enemy progression has been re-balanced. The chosen game difficulty no longer affects the game-stage value and player parties accumulate roughly 2/3 of the combined game-stage that they used to. This makes the enemy difficulty grow slower you won’t see high end enemies on the 2nd blood moon.

On Screen Sprite System

We added a brand new Nav Objects On-Screen Sprite System to help players more easily locate important items in the world such as fetch quest containers, player backpacks, spears and more. We are using this system on many of the harder to find important items and events in the game.

The new Nav Objects On-Screen Sprite System, which govern the On Screen Icons, Compass Icons and Map Icons. These functions are easily configured in the XML and allow adding custom Nav Objects for Entities, Quest Objectives and Items for those who enjoy modding the game.

Some of the items that are using the new Nav Objects On-Screen Sprite System include:

  • Quest Rally Markers
  • Quest Fetch Objects
  • Dropped Player Backpacks
  • Player Bedrolls
  • Player owned vehicles
  • Traders
  • Thrown spears
  • Air Drops
Quest Improvements

We have improved many of the quest types and even added new quests here are some of the improvements

  • Quest Sprites – We have implemented the on screen sprite markers for rally markers, traders, fetch bags, dig quests and more making it much easier for players to go where they need to go and find what they need to find.
  • Dig Quests – The dig quests have been improved displaying a projected image of a dotted circle onto the terrain showing the player where to dig. As the player digs out terrain blocks the projected circle shrinks letting the player know he is getting closer to the buried treasure.
  • Opening Routes – We have added new trader to trader quests that guide the player to the next closest trader after completing 10 quests. This continues until the player has delivered a package to all 5 traders.
World and Location updates

We added a ton of new locations to the game including remnants. These give the player easier low enemy count locations to explore, loot and take over if your not ready for a Tiered challenge.

We have updated Navezgane significantly increasing the playable space into the radiated zone with new roads that lead to new developments adding many new POIS or locations that were never in Navezgane before or updating cities. Locations include:

  • New Desert business development
  • New Snow modern development
  • New Forest old housing development
  • New Desert modern housing development
  • New Desert old housing development
  • Desert City of Departure has been updated
  • Snowy city of Perishton has been updated
  • Wasteland City of Gravestowne has been updated
  • Some Trader locations in Navezgane have been moved to improve distances between traders

We have improved Random Gen in A19 to use every POI possible in the game so players will see the breadth of content like never before along with a lot of tagging updates and improvements. In fact an A19 Random Worlds can have over 500 unique POIS!

We’ve re-imagined tons of older locations with a complete art and game-play overhaul converting them to beautiful and quest-able dungeon experiences and added many brand new locations to the game. In all over 40 new or updated locations and counting. Some of the new or re-imagined locations include:

  • 2 Grocery Stores
  • 2 Gun Stores
  • 2 Pharmacies
  • 2 Hardware Stores
  • 2 Clothing Stores
  • 2 Electronics Stores
  • 7 Ranger Stations
  • Carlot_01
  • New High School
  • sawmill_01
  • house_modern_12
  • house_modern_13
  • house_old_gambrel_04
  • 12 Remnants
  • departure_city_blk_plaza
  • park_basketball
  • park_plaza_01
  • park_plaza_02
  • red_mesa
  • celltower_01


  • Light intensity correction to all POIs to work better with the new linear lighting
  • Wasteland biome now spawns smaller but improved deco remnants
  • Removed un-needed random gen POIS
  • Improved naming conventions of some biome spawned poi remnants and deco piles. all will have the term deco first in their file names now
  • Renamed bank to store_bank_01
  • Removed un-used old tree piles
  • Deprecated old cover pile pois that were not being used anymore
  • Moved special totoz east of football stadium
  • Moved pawnshop from departure to rural pine forest where old small bookstore was
  • Removed all non forest and burnt forest player spawn locations to work with the new trader to trader quest progression in Navezgane. Will be adding more back to get variety
  • Adjusted pine forest biome to take over a small amount of the winter biome in Navezgane
  • Moved gas station 6 to outskirts of Perishton to make room for new plaza across from courthouse
  • Fixed over-sized trees in Persihton and improved city block performance
  • Deprecated old burnt pine cluster POIS as the are not needed
  • Removed alleys from Gravestowne blk improved Gravestownes overall look
  • Optimized Diersville city blk a little
  • Size and position of remnant mill so it fits to the alley in Perishton
  • Replaced many duplicate survivor sites with POIS never in Navezgane
  • Trader Hugh and Trader Joel can now spawn in any biome in RWG
  • Single bed & mattresses POI replacement
  • Optimized store_autoparts_01 from 487K verts/513K tris to 317K verts 315K tris


  • Cabinets in Fastfood_04 are not lootable
  • Cemetery 02 torches that were not on
  • Wrong bookcases in bank POI
  • Boat docks 02 collapses
  • Boats Docks 3 collapses
  • Si issue bar_stripclub_01
  • Fake cabinets in Berserker Bill’s
  • Loot cover in abandoned_house_05 has an SI issue
  • Trailer_01 prefab si issue when wrenching the car
  • Missing support pillar in gas station 05
  • Incorrectly rotated drinking fountain in factory 01
  • Survivor_site_05 has cobblestone clipping through tent
  • Garage roof at house_old_pyramid_01 has si issue when stepped on
  • Lights in front of the Bear Den are too bright
  • CeilingLight04 spotlight was sideways and adjusted defaults
Environment Art

The Art Team has grown much bigger and they have made some major improvements including:

  • Snow Trees – Updated to resemble thick fir trees with 3D snow giving the trees more depth and volume.
  • Burnt Trees – Thin version that has charred bark in addition to being more performant. A thicker crispy fried fir tree that adds more atmosphere and variety to the burnt forest.
  • New skies – Updated sun and moon rendering, cloud blending and lighting, and horizon blending.
  • New fog – Uses a new distance calculation, allows for very dense fog and sun punch through of heavy fog. Fog now switches to a murky version when under water.
  • Updated Textures – Most environment textures have been updated in addition to adjustments for linear color space and physically based rendering.
  • Commercial Stores – All new commercial store POI props and loot containers! Quest through ransacked grocery stores shelves. Have your pick of rotten produce, peruse clothing stores with the latest fashions, and catch up on a best seller at the local book store. Shop till you drop for all of your post apocalyptic retail needs!
    Nearly 150 new commercial assets including:
    • Hardware store shelves
    • Grocery stores stocked with food, beverage items
    • Rotten produce bins
    • Trashed store shelves
    • Frozen food refrigerators
    • Beverage refrigerators
    • Pharmaceutical drug shelves
    • Clothing racks
    • Clothing shelves
    • Mannequins
    • Store display cases
    • Gun and ammo display cases
    • Gun racks
    • Shoe racks
    • Electronic store shelves
    • Book shelves
    • Shooting target
    • Square and round hay bales
    • Restroom signs
New Weapons & Items

We added several new tools and weapons:

Tech level 3 – we’ve added a whole new line of weapons to give you the firepower you will need to face future special infected, bandits and more!

  • Desert Vulture – This .44 magnum caliber pistol packs some serious stopping power and is governed by the gunslinger skill.
  • Automatic shotgun – This new tech level 3 firearm sports a large drum magazine and allows use of the trigger group automatic mod to unlock full automatic weapon fire mode makes it the most devastating short range shotgun in the game. If you like to see limbless zombies and superior crown control, this is the weapon for you.
  • Sniper Rifle – This 762 sniper rifle has a larger magazine, fire rate, better handling and superior damage to the hunting rifle and marksman rifles.
  • Impact Driver – This tech level 3 tool is the fastest way to harvest mechanical items. Strip down cars and mechanical items down in seconds!

Tech level 2

  • Ratchet – This new tech level 2 harvesting tool is faster than a wrench and degrades slower.
  • Tactical Assault Rifle – This new tier 2 assault rifle is a step above the 762 in range, accuracy and fire rate.

Tech level 1

  • Robotic Sledge – This robotic weapon is a stationary turret with a large sledgehammer shaped pulverizing arm that punches enemies and can knock them down easier at higher quality levels. It is governed by robotics
  • Blunderbuss – Not a new weapon, but with the loot re-balance this weapon might save your skin early game and is craft-able from basic components.
    All existing tools and weapons have either been remade from scratch or had an art update to pbr textures for the new linear lighting.
New Candy

We have added candy to the vending machines, they allow players to have a short term modification to game-play and provide a few calories:

  • Atom Junkie – Atom sized candy and atomic sized power! Increase explosive damage 50%.
  • Covert Cats – Be a cool cat and have it made in the shade with Covert Cats. Deal 50% more sneak damage.
  • Eye Candy – Find that sparkling treasure easier with a drop of Eye Kandy. Find much better loot.
  • Hackers – These tasty treats give you 20% more harvest when salvaging.
  • Health Bar – Increases your max health and adds 50% resistance to critical injuries, recover from critical wounds faster.
  • Jail Breakers – Be the daddy to that stubborn lock. 100% success chance to pick a lock.
  • Nerd Tats – Channel your inner nerd powers! Stun batons stun nearby enemies on charged hits.
  • Oh Shitz Drops – Be prepared for those Oh Shitz moments! Fall damage immunity.
  • Rock Busters – Jawbreakers got nuthin’ on us! Gain 20% more resources mining ores.
  • Skull Crushers – Rock hard candy that gives you a rock hard punch. Increases melee damage 50%.
  • Sugar Butts – If ifs and butts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas! Well now it can be with one tasty Sugar Butts Candy. Get a 10% better deal buying and selling.
New Perk Books

We’ve added three new book sets, Bar Brawler, Spear Hunter and Tech Junkie!

Bar Brawler

  • Basic moves – Adds 10% damage.
  • Drop a bomb – Sprinting power attacks can knock down your opponent.
  • Killer Instinct – Gain 5% damage with each kill up to 15%.
  • Finishing Moves -Do extra damage to knocked down opponents.
  • Adrenaline Healing – Recover extra health with each punch.
  • Rage mode – Attack and move faster after getting hit.
  • Boozed up – Drinking beer no longer blurs your vision and your buzz lasts twice as long.
  • The 7th Curse – The 7th unarmed strike in a short time deals 300% damage.

Spear Hunter

  • Damage – deal 10% more damage.
  • Maintenance – Spears degrade 20% slower.
  • Steel Spears – Craft steel spears.
  • Strong Arm – Spears travel faster and further.
  • Rapid Strike – Thrust spears 10% faster.
  • Punctured Lung – slows your target.
  • Deadly Combo – Hits scored in quick succession do 10% more damage up to 30%.
  • Kill Move – Power attacks to downed opponents do 50% more damage.

Tech Junkie

  • Robotic Damage – Robotics do 10% more damage.
  • Maintenance – Robotic weapons degrade 20% slower.
  • AP Ammo – Craft AP ammo for robotic weapons.
  • Robotic Turret Shells – Craft shotgun ammo for robotics.
  • Stun Repulsor – Craft this mod that sends enemies flying on charged hits.
  • Charged Strike – Increases chance to get an instant charged strike.
  • Hydraulics – Increase the fire rate of robotic weapons.
  • Bulk Crafting – Craft all robotic ammo in bulk.
Perk Balance

We have restructured existing perks and removed others so auxiliary perks don’t always have 5 ranks, as well as reduced some attribute requirements for auxiliary perks. This was changed to give less desirable perks more bang for the buck.

Perception Perks

  • Lockpicking, The Infiltrator, Animal Tracker now only have 3 ranks.
  • The Penetrator has 4 ranks instead of 5.
  • The treasure hunting ability of lucky looter that reduced dig radius has now been removed from Lucky looter and is its own 3 rank perk that reduces the new treasure hunting radius ring.

Strength Perks

  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus has 4 ranks instead of 5.
  • Heavy armor was moved from Fortitude to Strength and now only has 4 ranks.

Fortitude Perks

  • Well Insulated, Living off the Land, and Rule #1 Cardio now only have 3 ranks.
  • Healing factor is nerfed but still quite powerful, and now heals the new critical injuries faster with each rank.

Agility Perks

  • Run and Gun, Flurry of Blows now only have 3 ranks.
  • Light Armor and Parkour now only have 4 ranks.

Intellect Perks

  • The Daring Adventurer, Charismatic nature and Physician now have 4 ranks. Yeah Science is removed and its perks are merged with various other perks.
AI Improvements

Enemy Break-through System

  • We have added a new Enemy Break-through System that gives enemies random animation probabilities when enter the scene after breaking through a door, 2-meter opening or monster closet. These entrances improve the overall immersion and break the normal cadence of game-play improving the combat. Entrances include:
    • Ragdoll Entrance – The enemy will ragdoll through the opening and then get up
    • Stubble Entrance – The enemy will stubble through the opening before pursuing the player
    • Lunge/Boost Entrance – The enemy will lunge and boost through the opening towards the player

Enemy Falldown System

  • We have added a new Enemy Falldown System that gives enemies random animation probabilities when enter the scene when falling from heights of 2 or more meters. These entrances improve the overall immersion and break the normal cadence of game-play improving the combat. Entrances include:
    • Falldown Ragdoll Entrance – The enemy will ragdoll after landing and then get up
    • Stubble Entrance – The enemy will stubble after landing before pursuing the player
    • Lunge/Boost Entrance – The enemy will lunge and boost after landing towards the player

Enemy Pain Stun Lock

  • AI Pain resistance has been improved. It still builds up over time, but has been adjusted to be harder to stun lock enemies. We fixed pain reactions not always triggering. Pain now uses a new hit blending system, so different strengths and durations of pain are shown and can happen while AI is attacking.

Head Tracking

  • We have added head tracking to zombies, NPCs and animals. They will now turn their heads to look at their target.

Enemy and Animal Swimming

  • Zombies and animals are able to swim in water and at a faster speed than they moved before, so be careful in the water. Zombies and the bear now have swim animations. AI pathing still generally follows the bottom of a body of water, but when they near their destination, they can swim upwards.


  • AI that fall when target above or unreachable side will also increase nearby zombie’s destroy area chance
  • AI partial path picking may choose lower paths if lower AI intelligence and less dumb AI will pick higher paths over time
  • Bear pain resistance, moved pain to an anim layer, so can still move and doubled health
  • Pain resistance on all animals and anim layer on boar, deer, mountain lion and wolf
  • Zombie Hit layer
  • Create Bear Swimming animations
  • Swim state to deer and wolf
  • Trader head tracking
  • Zombie random move speeds based on difficulty
  • Blood moon spawner will instead spawn a radiated vulture 50% of time if target is in a vehicle
  • Blood moon zombies will 50/50 teleport closer or die if target player is far away
  • Blood moon zombies have an increased loot drop rate after every x have spawned
  • Blood moon vultures always see and chase at any distance
  • Blood moon vultures chase vehicles at 250% speed
  • Vultures can now attack blocks when chasing their prey
  • Sleeper pose material and low res texture
  • Zombie rage chance scales based on hit damage
  • Zombie rage duration does not count down while stunned
  • Ai rage console command
  • Crawler’s climb will exit anim early at destination, moves same as anim motion, disables tilt to ground and reduced snap speed
  • Zombie normal/fat attacks are faster right handed and slower with left
  • Zombie hits are triggered by anim Hit events
  • Zombie random attack anim blending and additional anims
  • Zombie mirrored wall attack anims
  • Fat zombie attack anims


  • AI that fall when target above or unreachable side will also increase nearby zombie’s destroy area chance
  • Reduced AI rage chance base damage to 40
  • Zombies have more pain resistance and will attack even if playing pain animations more frequently
  • Lowered non bashing pain threshold to 6 damage
  • Removed bashing attacks randomly not causing pain
  • Reduced blood moon zombie corpse despawn time to ⅓
  • Increased radiated vulture damage to 150% entities and 400% blocks
  • Improved vulture attack reposition duration
  • Increased vulture attack anim speed
  • Greatly reduced zombie alert times when hurt or after chasing a seen target
  • Increased health of dire wolf and mountain lion dramatically, zombie dogs and wolves marginally
  • Increased boss Grace’s health
  • Aggressive animals in the forests only spawn at night
  • Direwolf now shares assets with regular wolf and uses new scale code instead of a scaled prefab
  • Removed all old direwolf assets
  • Removed start of crawler climb up anim


  • Zombie attacks are triggered too early by charging towards and then back peddling quickly
  • Hostile animals attack while electrocuted
  • Spider zombies can still jump while being shocked (and mountain lions)
  • Zombie crawler shock effect displays as if walking
  • Rabbits are digging when idle
  • Wrong name for IsAnimalEntity property making AnimalCount stat always zero
  • GetMoveToLocation raycast not using origin and giving wrong height
  • PhysicsSetMaxHeight was adjusting the first animal large collider
  • Animal larger colliders would shift to wrong offset depending on facing direction
  • AI rage chance above the base damage
  • AI digging when blocked and above but only a short horizontal distance
  • AI sliding down steep slopes that player can use
  • Movement slowing when attacked was not removed with pain resistance
  • Jumping after a fall due to blocked time accumulating during fall
  • Vultures could wander instead of attacking
  • Vulture attack origin too high, gliding while attacking and excessive repositioning if blocked
  • Animal attack anims skipped when rapid attacks
  • Wandering horde zombies seen sliding and not walking on dedi and P2P
  • Zombie controller decreasing AttackAnimation, UseAnimation and SpecialAttack2 playing times when base already does
Random Gen Improvements

Random world generation has undergone a few changes to help improve generation.

  • Biome generation – We have made biomes random in placement and size to allow for less predictable layouts.
  • Trader World Placement – Trader world placement was separated from regular wilderness POI placement so it could be made more predictable.
  • Player Spawns – Initial player spawns were changed to make starting out easier for new players.
  • POI Distribution – We have improved Random Gen in to use every POI possible in the game so players will see the breadth of content like never before. Random Worlds can now have over 500 unique POIs that can spawn!
  • Pregen Maps – We re-created 3 brand new alpha 19 pregenerated maps to play
Animation Improvements

  • Added rigs and content created for support on new weapons and tools including: Impact Driver, Auto Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Sharpshooter Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun (reworked model), Junk Drone, Junk Sledge, and Ratchet.
  • Added fall/land animations to support new fall-down system. Also added additional stumble animations when breaking through obstacles.
  • Added zombie swim animations to support new swimming system for zombies.
  • Updated 3rd person locomotion lower body update and upper-body update that supports up/down aiming and firing for new and existing melee weapons.
  • Updated various zombie characters and player arms with new models.
Dynamic Resolution

A dynamic resolution system has been added that allows the game to draw 3d graphics at a lower resolution than the main game window is running at. This can increase FPS while allowing the UI to run at full resolution.

Dynamic resolution is disabled by default. It can be enabled in the Display tab of Video Options. There are three settings:

  • Dynamic Resolution Mode
    • Off – Disables
    • Auto – Enables it and will change resolution based on your FPS. This uses some video memory.
    • Scale – Enables it at a fixed resolution. Useful if you are trying to hit a specific FPS value like 60 and prefer a constant resolution. This uses less video memory than Auto.
  • Dynamic Resolution Min FPS – When Mode is Auto and running below this FPS value it will decrease the 3d resolution.
  • Dynamic Resolution Scale – The percentage to scale down 3d rendering when mode is Scale.

Lowering your screen resolution will only increase FPS if your video card (GPU) is the bottleneck. If your CPU is the bottleneck, a lower resolution will not increase FPS.


We have done a number of improvements to vehicles listed below.


  • Vehicle collisions with entities uses their mass ratio and hit angle for damage, velocity reduction and ragdoll threshold/chance
  • Vehicle collisions with entities during blood moon slows vehicle and is harder to ragdoll
  • Vehicle damage by entities during blood moon slows and pushes vehicle
  • Vehicle cosmetic slot that accepts dye (this is not functional and will be used for some type of modding in the future)
  • Players exiting vehicles retain most velocity
  • Vehicles keep full velocity when driver exits and no wheel on ground
  • Vehicle driving increases food consumption


  • Increased vehicle damage from entity collisions
  • Removed vehicle parent_part from xml
  • Entities killed by vehicle hits would have little ragdoll force or play an anim and improved ragdoll hit force
  • Vehicles that are supposed to be up on blocks are in them
  • Vehicle damage amount to entities did not use actual relative motion
  • Vehicle ragdoll force on entities was inverted
  • Removing vehicle mods did not update item
  • Vehicle physics not transferred when client or server took control
  • Vehicle engine would not stop if broken
  • Controls break when hitting esc at the same time you enter a vehicle

Server administration and multiplayer

config changes, console commands, etc

  • Added support for whitelisting and admin permission levels via Steam Groups. For instructions check the serveradmin.xml and the console commands “admin” and “whitelist”
  • Added optional “display names” to admin / ban / whitelist commands to make it easier to remember who the entries in the XML belong to
  • Added command “camera” to allow locking the camera in place or saving/loading exact camera positions, e.g. for screenshots
  • Added the ability to search for commands with “help * <searchstring>”
  • Added the command “getlogpath” to easily find location of the current log file
  • Available buff names are now listed when using the “buff”/”debuff” commands without arguments
  • Fixed the “buff” console command recognising all valid buffs
  • Changed the “debugshot” command to also save the list of currently bought perks as CSV next to the screenshot
  • Changed the “chunkreset” command to work when run by clients too
  • Changed the “chunkreset” command to take block coordinates instead of chunk coordinates
  • Fixed games hosted as “Friends only” could be joined by random people through the Steam profile page if you had not set your profile to private
  • Changed the “Terminal Window” window name to include the server name and port
  • Fixed the game logging errors when the executable was called with non-GamePref command line arguments
  • Client side cached map view no longer persist between different servers with the same world a player connects to
  • Added a note about port ranges for servers to show up on the LAN tab of the server browser to the serverconfig.xml template
In-Game Commands

  • Networkclient and networkserver console commands each with latencysim and packetlosssim commands to enable latency and packet loss simulation
  • Screenshots are saved as tga when pressing left shift + F9
  • Gfx graph #, cvar, pe and stat console commands
  • Gfx graph fps and gfx graph dr console commands (type gfx for help, example “gfx graph fps 200”)
  • Chunkreset console command f parameter
  • Teleport to POI window, triggered by console command “tppoi”
Modding Support

  • (In game) Localization from mods now pushes to clients
  • Added: Support loading prefabs from mods
  • Added: EntityClasses can be hidden from spawn menu with the property “HideInSpawnMenu”
  • Added: Target health bar visibility can be configured from XML
  • Added: Support XUi binding of CVars with specified formatting
  • Added: XML driven on-screen icon system
  • Added: Worldglobal config file
  • Changed: World file processing is no longer based on file timestamps but rather actual content changes
  • Fixed: XPath insertAfter patches inserted elements in reverse order
  • Fixed: Multidim blocks were only interactible on one end
Level Editor Improvements

  • Added: editor only command “sleeperreset” to reset sleeper volumes for quicker testing without reloading level
  • Added: Disable biome spawns in playtest mode
  • Added: Screamers will not spawn in playtest mode
  • Changed: Light editor max range to 40 and step to .5
  • Changed: Light editor to remove tile data when saving with defaults
  • Changed: Increased light editor min/max spot angle
  • Changed: Updated default spectrums for POI editor
  • Changed: integrate standard localization handling for Light Editor properties
  • Fixed: Light editor Esc key cancelled, but left the visible changes
  • Fixed: Light editor changed tile entity color when only save should
  • Fixed: Light editor not removing all changes on cancel
  • Fixed: Reduced fog in POI editor
  • Fixed: Can not create a world using World Editor and receives an NRE
  • Fixed: DirectoryNotFoundException from Prefab Editor from non-existing maps
UI Improvements

  • Map popup for creating waypoints can now be dismissed by clicking on the map
  • Added UI scaling option
  • Added a refresh button to the server browser
  • Added support to paste “IP:port” combinations into the IP field in direct connect window and automatically extract the port to the port field
  • Added a warning on the New Game window when the selected world was created with a different major version of the game, mostly as the world’s prefab list could contain outdated entries
  • Fixed: Scoreboard admin star can no longer get covered by player names
  • Fixed: The last letter of some tooltips was below the tip box
  • Fixed: Hovering over a blank slot in a container showed item tooltips from items in another container
  • Fixed: Hovertext on lootable/harvestable items was displaying two messages
  • Fixed: XUi tool tip backgrounds ghost on main game screen
  • Fixed: Fog of war covered parts of the map were actually transparent
  • Fixed: Quite a bunch of missing localizations
Audio Improvements

  • All new weapons have supported audio
  • Lockpick sounds
  • New Trader Jen VO
Other Visual Improvements

  • Cloud moon glow and darkening at lower heights
  • Atmosphere ground plane below horizon
  • Sky color alpha scales outside ambient sky color
  • Clouds are darker at lower heights at night
  • Specific moon phases every 7 days
  • Separate moon size, color and phase when blood moon
  • Background cloud layer
  • Moon phase and color effect moon glow
  • Sun punch through of fog
  • Color spectrums blend between colors
  • Worldglobal ambient night values
  • Interior ambient light scaling
  • Antialiasing Low, High and Ultra options
  • Sun shafts on moon
  • Underwater fog


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Aug 5, 2019




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Current bugs to be aware of.

Lose of level bug. To prevent this do not log out after dying until the grim reaper symbol has disappeared off your afflictions.

Instability caused by junk turrets. Until a fix is in place do not use junk turrets as they are causing a null reference error which crashes the server. A fix should be released in the next patch.

If you encounter any of these issues please let me know asap and I can either generate you xp in case of level loss or generate a forgetting elixir if you specialized in those turrets.

|Fever| Wooot

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Jan 15, 2016




Is junk turret problem patched yet? If it is not, post when it is.


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Aug 5, 2019




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Nothing specifically mentioned in the last patch notes. Wouldn't hurt to test it though.

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junk turret problem and knuckles issues have been fixed as of 8/13/2020. Contact Shenanoska if you need to get your stats redone for your playstyle due to issues with those items.

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