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Nov 3, 2016
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Here is a brief update on patch 3.9 release December 13, 2016

A new Commander
-Stukov has been added a new commander in the Co-op missions
-He controls a mixed army of terran and zerg which are being constantly created.

A new Announcer
-Nova has been released as an announcer for Starcraft 2 multiplayer and Co-op missions
-Anyone that has purchased the Nova mission packs gets her as an inclusive part of the Nova Covert Ops pack.

Co-op Missions
-Update to Nova's unit life regen. New value is 0.2 (down from 0.333)
-Update to tooltips
-Updates for some of Raynor's units
-Updates to Swann's Tech Reactor repairs and to his Warbots.
-Bug fix for Chain of Accension. Slayn elemental will no longer cast cocoon missile after death.

Lots of Bug fixes everywhere.

Check out the official release notes for patch 3.9 on for more information.

I was just really excited to see Stukov as a new commander

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