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Lord Alpaca
Jan 4, 2014
Adelaide, Australia




So I noticed that Patch 3.7 went live on NA not too long ago. (Last 2hours or so)

So a bit of a summary of the patch notes found here (


New Commander: Nova.

Some balance changes for all previous commanders as well as various bits and pieces for bugs that there might be. I won't list them all, but they're listed in the above link where I'm grabbing these patch notes from.
Some fixes for maps as well.


A new tab has been added called "Collection" this is now where portriats, unit skins, emoticons, decalas, animations and annoucer packs (An addition with 3.7) can all be found here.
A couple new skins have been added.
Works now have a spray ability, which gains a charge every 5minutes up to 5 charges. Sprays the players decals. Can have up to 5 on the map at any given time.

Ladder Changes:

First and foremost is the bigger Separate MMR per race change on ladder.
Along with this, everyone has to do all 5placements again (And for each race)

As well as some other changes to ladder, adjustment to GM activity requirements, some re-locating of things, etc

Other Changes:

For those that use the editor, there was some additions and minor changes to that.
Some changes and tweaks to user interface stuff as well.

That's pretty much a TLDR of the patch notes; if you want to see anything in detail feel free to check the link at the top of this post to the patch notes

I was hoping the last Nova Mission Pack was going to be added this patch along side with Nova being added as a commander (And was also hoping those that brought the mission pack get Nova as a commander for co-op free, but it doesn't seem like that's happened unfortunately)

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