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Jan 11, 2016
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Hi friends, what's up? How are your resolutions holding up? Do you really think you'll be able to get out of Silver this year? I hope so!

Speaking of climbing the ladder, we encourage all of y'all to get your placements done sooner than later! Clash will be launching later this year, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun because you procrastinated (like your New Year resolution). Don't be like me, failing my last year's resolution to learn to watercolor because I ran out of time.

This patch, we got follow up adjustments to Aphelios, nerfs to Qiyana and Nautilus, and buffs to Sona (yes, Sona, my main, my favorite champion, that's it). Jinx is also getting a change to her passive to let her be more.. Jinx-y and Rift Herald's doing her best to get more attention from you.

Additionally, we've made some follow-up updates to the Elemental Rifts so they read clearer and are more defined overall. Infernal and Mountain Rifts, in particular, should feel clearer gameplay-wise and look more polished in its textures.

And that's it for 10.2! Get your climbing on and see you in two weeks!

--Hanna “Shio Shoujo” Woo


Patch 10.2 Notes
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